Baylaps – Freestyle

Hello hey! June begins and summer is here! As well as the swimming season! Thus I decided to help you out and give you some tips how to make your swimming more effective. I myself started swimming when I was 9 and teaching when 14. Many years it was my side job while I was studying and also when I was travelling longer trips abroad – for example in Melbourne I was training a guy for his triathlon.

Swimming is the best sports during the summer! Just think about it – no sweating no matter how fast you go, and you might get some tan as well! Swimming is part of my every week training. It is good balance because it de-stresses my muscles after hard regular gym training. Even though it’s a great form of serious aerobic drill too. One of those great sports that affects all the muscles in the same time!!! Go for it! I myself swim in Balluta Bay (Malta) – the superb location of the film shooting. If you ever need some help, holla, I’ll be ready…