Aurinkomatkat – Free Traveller

Client: Aurinkomatkat
Agency: Skandaali Publicis Worldwide
Creatives: Suvi Kinnarinen & Henna Rinnekangas
Photography: Anton Sucksdorf & Benjamin Ilmoni


Finland’s biggest travel agency Aurinkomatkat (translation: sun travels) made significant changes in its operations in spring 2011. Before it had been known as a well established Finnish operator selling travel packages to the families and companions that were after a nice and easy holiday, including tour guides and all the possible services. Now Aurinkomatkat had faced the challenge. It had to change in order to compete in the present market where all kinds of travel options were available in different search engines online. Aurinkomatkat took the same wide product range: flights, hotels, services, everything! The question was, how to communicate the biggest change of the century and make the consumers aware of it?


We wanted to communicate to the consumers clearly that Aurinkomatkat had changed throughout. There were still the traditional travel packages but also everything else available now. My AD pair Suvi Kinnarinen and I wanted to get the consumers realize this at the first glimpse. We renewed the whole Aurinkomatkat by creating a new Free Traveller concept which main message was that any kind of traveller could find the best solution for him/her from Aurinkomatkat now. We gave the consumers 1) freedom of choice when offering all the travel options, 2) freedom of being; they could spend their time just like they wanted and 3) freedom from uncertainty when there was a trustworthy Finnish operator behind. We made significant changes, starting all the way from a new logo, and we simply communicated that there was everything under the same sun now.

The big point in the Free Traveller concept was to reflect the real life and give the enjoyable feeling when opening all the senses while travelling. We wanted to avoid clichés and perfect-rimmed pictures and rather went to the observator angle and experience and added a bit of real excitement in travelling but still had the happiness to truly trust in Aurinkomatkat. Be a Free Traveller!