Hertat – The Land of Dreams

Agency: Plus One Dreams
Creatives: Antti Kareinen & Henna Rinnekangas
Photography: Casual Friday Studios


Online gaming is getting bigger and bigger all the time. But it’s not too familiar amongst women yet. There was a market gap to fill in the Finnish markets. The task was to create a totally new product – an appealing gaming brand for the Finnish ladies. It was clear that Finnish women are not too confident and secure with online gaming yet. How to solve this problem and bring out the new product?


The first thing was to dive into women’s head, in order to be able to make them comfortable with online gaming. We were exploring women and after making a survey we got to find out that the best time, when they feel good, is based on the feelings of being in love, getting surprised, when relaxing etc. Women seemed to be actively seeking these kinds of positive feelings in life. My AD partner Antti Kareinen and I saw the opportunity there. The brand got a name “Hertat” (translation: Hearts), and we built a concept of women dreaming about those positive feelings. We wanted to courage women to dream because it is good in the everyday life. While dreaming you do better and you feel better and who knows if those dreams will even come true. Hertat became “The Land of Dreams”.

With this approach we got a soft landing on online gaming, which happens to support material dreaming anyway. But we didn’t want to leave it there. We built the whole emotional scale around Hertat by starting to give women nice compliments, surprises, horoscopes and all kinds of tools to dream – a slightly bit of room service to everyday life. In Hertat women’s society we are highlighting that in the hectic life of today, modern Finnish women should definitely dream more and believe in and support each other’s dreaming. Beside playing the games and dreaming about winning!