Leijona – The Game Zone of Finnish Sisu

Agency: iGame
Creatives: Teemu Koskenoja & Henna Rinnekangas
Photography: Wille Nyyssönen


A gaming site Leijona needed a proper brand identity, to become the hottest site amongst especially the young Finnish male players. Leijona wanted to chase sporty image but stand out from the big international competitors. My AD pair Teemu Koskenoja and I needed to create a new brave branding and Leijona look.


It was obvious that we needed to highlight the Finnish roots. Leijona had already been supporting Finnish rising stars, giving chances to the athletics that didn’t get support elsewhere. We decided to broaden this approach to create a proper extensive Leijona team – A strong but identifiable crew of all the Leijona players. Identifiable meaning they could be themselves and on their comfortable zone, and enjoy the common interest that they are keen to: gaming, sports and having a good time. Leijona became a way to escape the everyday obligations and enjoy the free time, your way!

But we also wanted to make Leijona a charismatic leader that gives a kick and feeds the ambitions of Finnish men. We wanted to encourage Finnish men to be lions and believe in themselves – as commonly known they are sometimes perhaps a bit too humble. We wanted to make the Finnish positive sisu (translation: guts) work and lift up the feeling of achieving goals and dreams! We created Leijona label that showed this Leijona spirit living everywhere. Leijona became “The Game Zone of Finnish Sisu”.