Cenotes and the City – Valladolid

Travels — 26.2.2015

After Laguna Bacalar, the end of the Mexican trip was also much enjoyable. We spent it in Valladolid, a nice middle-sized city on Yucatan. The hotel was awesome! I had a bit of luxury in the end with the great room and whatta service. In general I can just wonder how sweet people were and good service it was in Mexico. The only exception was the odd stay at Hazard’s and he wasn’t even Mexican. If someone ever needs any hints for accommodation, I’m happy to help.

Valladolid reminded me of ”Mexican Verona”. It had beautiful colonial style buildings with lovely inner yards where was a garden and perhaps a fountain or a suitable pool. It had an interesting centre of the city, the square where were beautiful details and funny chairs that I called debate chairs: I could imagine people having there tight political conversations or what ever back in the old days.

Mexican houses have inner yards, this is in Valladolid
A typical inner yard

Afternoon coffee by the pool in Valladolid in Mexico

Focused when reading interesting book on a holiday in Mexico

Mexican style fountain in Valladolid
Mexican style fountain

Church at night in Valladolid centre in Mexico

I call this debate chair, interesting seats on a square in Valladolid centre in Mexico
Yo yo debate chair!

Valladolid was also an interesting city in that sense that there was a cenote right in the city centre. Cenote Zaci. A hundred meters deep fresh water hole connected to the underground rivers. There was so much interesting things and attractions to see around the city. We went to three more cenotes and also to one more ruin Ek Balam. The big minus beside the great experiences that we had all alone at the ruins near Laguna Bacalar, was that here there were people! That’s why we didn’t even want to go to the famous Chichen Itza. People, oh nou, people! Hahaa I could use my friends line now that I am a big time people hater… when it comes to the tourist attractions, yes! Even that’s silly! I can’t deny the fact that I am a tourist myself!!! But yeah, anyway, people could at least behave. There were some stupid people swimming there and drinking beer in the cenotes and making so much noise in the resonating cave. In nature! Where is the respect towards nature?!

There are cenotes water holes in the city in Valladolid in Mexico

Cenote Zaci, a peacefull place just in the city centre of Valladolid
Cenote Zaci, a peacefull place just in the city centre!
Bird eye perspective on Ek Balam temple in Mexico
Bird eye perspective on Ek Balam

Selfie on Ek Balam temple in Mexico

Nice way to the cenotes in Mexico
Nice way to the cenotes
Swimming made easy for tourists in the cenotes in Mexico
Swimming made easy for tourists part 1
Swimming made easy for tourists in the cenotes in Mexico
Swimming made easy for tourists part 2

Dripstone cave in Valladolid in Mexico

Mayas worship nature, god of weather carving
Mayas worshipped nature. This might refer to the god of air/weather.

I really hope that tourism won’t go too far and Mexico can handle the load and that the landowners are willing to grow in the terms of nature. It’s so beautiful in Mexico but has of course changed a lot since the big times of tourism. I read a good book “Welcome to the paradise – a report of the tourist industry” a while ago. All those who enjoy travelling and travel a lot should read it to be aware and wise enough when making the travel plans. There definitely are different sad chapters in Mexico. First the natives were destroyed by the European conquers and now same follows with nature. Think twice that’s my only advice!

Still the Mexican life was so happy, colourful and easy that I will always recall it with a warm heart. I knew I loved Mexico before going there. I didn’t really want to leave the country but once again I had this feeling of having had a good amount of time there and knew that I can come back as soon as I want. Time is not a question anymore. I remember super beautiful nature, kids waving their hands on the pick up trucks passing by in the rural sceneries, the best avocados ever as well as beans, smiley helpful Mexican people – mostly looking dark but also blonder or having the Indian looks, I remember listening either happy or melancholic songs in the car and colourful art with skeletons, and the hammocks hanging out in the streets on sale – almost whispering “buy some time for pure relaxation”. Oh yes please, but damn it, the luggage was too full. Till next time!

The streets of Valladolid in Mexico

Mexican woman reading a newspaper on the stairs in Valladolid

Poor street dog is sleeping on the street in Valladolid in Mexico

I'm walking in the streets of Valladolid when the night falls and lights turn on

Red signs in the traffic in Valladolid, cross the street safely
Tasting Mexican Tequila in Valladolid, it was tasty
Tasting local Tequila – It was different and good! A hint of honey in it!

A Mexican store in Valladolid, hostel, pharmacy and grocery shopping

Market food in Valladolid in Mexico, cheap and good
Market food
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