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Learning About It All on Kauai!
Four years ago I felt restless in my life. My thirst for adventure was unbearable and I needed to move my ass and change the scenery.
Feelings — 1.4.2018
Very Fine Valletta – the European Capital of Culture in 2018! Why to Go and What to Do?
I have written about my second home Malta in many posts – but now you actually have a well marketed reason to go on the island.
Travels — 26.3.2018
When the Whole Village Died – My Lai Massacre
It was a sunny Saturday morning 50 years ago – 16th of March in 1968. My Lai (aka Son My) villagers were preparing for the Saturday market as usual. Today the difference was that just a bit later the US army soldiers attacked the village and took their lives.
Feelings — 17.3.2018
Seoul – Admirable Human Souls in the Ambitious City
The Gangnam Style music video feels kind of quirky and cool – this is also the feeling that you get in Seoul!
Travels — 12.3.2018
Why the Russians Got to Compete in the Olympic Games?
The Winter Olympics are over but I got stuck reminiscing over the Games. I watched The Icarus on Netflix finally. This is a documentary everyone should see and ask: why the fuck did the Russian athletes get to compete in Pyeongchang?
Feelings — 5.3.2018
When in Korea… The Oddities of South Korea
The trip to interesting South Korea is over! Like I mentioned in an earlier post it was probably the first country where I faced quite a few surprises. Here’s some.
Travels — 27.2.2018
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