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Business — 30.3.2015

Hello fellow! After the travels and some resting it’s time to start setting up the freelance businesses! Otherwise some spy curious slash dead boring slash tight ass people would be too worried about my financial status or that I waste too much of my life travelling. Hahaa, I could bet my ass on that! But that’s not the only thing. My work is very very exciting when I get to do all the things that I’m scarily good at! They are all the things to do with my imagination featuring marketing communications: planning, branding, writing, design, strategy. Sometimes I’m afraid I will get a stroke because my mind can’t stop running. But no risk. I’m very committed; I won’t go anywhere before I have done the perfect job for you or the ones that you give my contact details to. A Humble Thank You. I will really need everyone’s help and support, otherwise I will be screwed and depressed, and that’s not good for a Finn! There’s now my details finally in LinkedIn too – just last night I lost my LinkedIn virginity!

But lets get to the point. Here’s a little relaxed case study about my work. For instance my very own branding.

Making of a custom-made blog – Whattawowworld

I made a really custom made blog to myself that looks like me and is exactly like me. Real flesh. No artificial colours – just henna. I planned my look and feel, and with the big help of the best brothers Antti the Art Director and Ville the Coder it came alive. Thank you boys. Love you and owe you! Quick steps what I planned:


Because my biggest strength is my imagination and travelling is my passion, I had the Finnish name ready, easily. But “Mielikuvitusmaa” was too lame for a direct translation (= imagination land). In general, rule number one: never do direct translations, unless they flow good. I was cleaning my house, washing a toilet seat when I figured it out and shouted aloud: WHATTAWOWWORLD, it’s Whattawowworld! It’s Henna like, because it’s not exactly right: Not Wow whatta world – but Louis Armstrong vice Whatta wow world….. I wanted to do two language versions even though I’m not native in English and it’s more work for me. But come on, can you see – that is how hardworking I am!!!


There is an earth cover and my kind of pink font. All the English words are written together to add my kind of craziness (also to be consistent with the Finnish name). There is my excitement in there! Can you feel it?

Whattawowworld old logo

Mielikuvitusmaa logo

The mini logo is easy. Simple. Memorable. Including both language versions and using the same form of the earth cover.

Mini icon


Pink is my favourite colour. As well as the turquoise of the sea, that is by the way covering 70 % of the world and 30 % of Whattawowworld. The nice white and black balance on the background brought a bit of harmony. The balance and the harmony that I also seek from my future husband, where the hell are you?! (We could add this one beside: in search of a work related projects and homework related man hahaa!)

Whattawowworld color palette, the main colours of the travel blog

Details: illustrations

I hadn’t been drawing in ages, and that you can see in my fellow residents / imagination friends in Whattawowworld. But they are funny. The best is the cursing platypus in my opinion. The drawings represent naturally some of my favourite things but there can be anything behind the earth’s cover! Beware. There was a dick as well, but the dick head of the AD department told me to take it off!

The cursing platypus pen and ink drawing by Whattawowworld

The old Whattawowworld look, logo and illustrations, photoshoot in the street of Sliema in Malta

Details: photos

The multitalent Antti took the nice photos on my home street (Antti has in general taken a lot of great pictures to Whattawowworld. If there’s Antti on the same trip and you see a great shot, that’s him!) The make-up artist miss Talitha Dimech made me look better than I usually do! My nephew in fact called me a pop singer when he saw the pics, haha how cute is that!

Whattawowworld travel blogger in a white dress in the street of Sliema in Malta

Whattawowworld travel blogger in a white dress in the street of Sliema in Malta

Saint look in a white dress in the street of Sliema in Malta, Whattawowworld photoshoot

Whattawowworld travel blogger in a white dress in the street of Sliema in Malta, beige feeling

Last but not least! The Big Purpose

Primary I wanted to do this blog to my family and friends, and I guess they are all so busy that nobody’s reading it. So hopefully some one can also get something out of my biggest passion, which is of course travelling. I hope to spread the travel fever!

I also love dressing up according to my personality, feelings and imagination, and would enjoy the work on styling and it will hopefully be shown more in future, at least when I’m not on the road! (When I’m on the road I look a disaster, please forgive me.)

If you would ask the deeper mission behind Whattawowworld it would be to add some empathy, sympathy and genuine caring in this world we are living in. In this era of the selfish revolution I would assume that there would be a slice of love to invest into this world too. Whattawowworld!

Thank you.

In a white dress in the street of Sliema in Malta

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