Encouragement Is What We Need To Succeed – People, Support Each Other!

Business — 5.9.2018

We just had the Entrepreneur’s day in Finland and the World entrepreneur’s day was in late August. I posted a comprehensive text for the Finns about that we should be encouraging each other (as you may know, our country is not too talkative not to mention the support and appraisal we give to each other…). I think that the need for a little help is universal: small entrepreneurs and all those people who are building their dreams need support. Today they also need the social media coverage. And you can easily help your friends out this way:

– Comment their posts regularly

– Share their posts

– Do not only like but also comment shortly with an emoji or something

This helps the small entrepreneur or dream builder to be seen on Facebook or Instagram

I think this is a brilliant summary and I hope all the people would know its impact. Not only the coverage but the actual support means so much and raises the mental health a lot! We people need to feel that we’re accepted.

Encouragement means energy AND energy + perseverance = success

Everybody wins when we are encouraging each other!

I can tell that I haven’t got much support on my years as an entrepreneur and when I have been writing this blog. It really sucks. Sometimes it feels that I’m talking to empty walls here haha!

When I started to be an entrepreneur I understood where the name came from: in Finland the word “yrittäminen” literally means “trying”. According to this source entrepreneur is a French word coined by the economist Jean-Baptiste Say, and usually is translated as “adventurer.”

Whether you’re building your dreams or trying to get your business rolling (or have you combined these two? great!) it really does feel like an adventure – in good and bad. Especially in the beginning there is so much work to do under such a massive pressure. At the same time when you are free to organise your day as you want – when you have the freedom – you are captivated by the anxiety of not knowing if you will have enough money for the daily life. This is probably the reason why some people don’t suit or want to be entrepreneurs. It takes a lot, but still it also gives so much! So if any reader here is having the passion to do something special I recommend you to do it! Despite all that stress I can’t imagine building someone else’s dreams anymore – I want to build my own dreams. That’s what I’m here for; I (probably) got this one life only. Have you ever thought that you would start working for your dreams? This is what it is; here are the pros and coins:

The difficulties in entrepreneurship

  • Taking a hold of yourself
  • Fear and lack of faith. Sometimes it’s very hard to stay positive and optimistic.
  • You’re on your own (at least in Finland). Learn not to expect anything from anybody, that’s how you don’t get disappointed.
  • Cruel world: when the bigger parties steal your ideas or treat you in some other shitty way
  • Evaluation: when you have done enough and it’s time to give up on something (I think the answer is when you feel ok about it)

The best things in entrepreneurship

  • Freedom, being your own boss
  • When you just have the guts and the persistence you’ll manage
  • You learn and get wiser all the time! Failure is good, after that you try again wiser
  • The HUGE joy of success
  • Self-realization, meaningfulness, living your dreams
  • Things tend to work out: as an entrepreneur you just need to work and trust on this cliché

I highly recommend all the people to be confident – no matter what, whether you get that support or not – and let your passion to carry you! All the strength and good luck on your way!

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