Entrepreneurship Is Like Having Fear As Your Roommate

Business — 30.11.2018

Slush Helsinki is soon. It’s great that we have this big start-up event in Finland! Overall, I appreciate all the entrepreneurs: from private enterprisers to big doers. They have something in common, and that’s fear. I also respect entrepreneurial people that are aiming high to make their dream come true.

I know something about fear. I have lived with it and I have tolerated it since 2015. Like the title says it’s like a roommate to me. Even closer, it shares the same bed! Sometimes it’s 5 am when it rears its ugly head and wakes me up to worry about something. The fear can be overly dramatic and make my heart beat really really fast. Sometimes this happens already when I go to sleep, and of course I can’t sleep then. It takes hours to fall a sleep. When there are way too many questions, too much uncertainty, it is hard to keep calm. Will I ever succeed? Will I ever grow up / become a real adult? Will I ever receive any respect? Will I ever get enough work? What do I do wrong? Why nothing works?

Just lately I have started to get up with my fear at 5 am. Then we make the early morning coffee. Even though I have learned to deal with fear and uncertainty I haven’t got fully rid of this duality. Gosh, how strong does it make! Especially when you get to know the unfair business world, which lets you down over and over again. It really requires quite a character to overcome constant failures and to always see the positive sparkle.

But that’s the thing! Things become much nicer after approving all that fear. Excitement and being a little nervous are always seen positive aspects when starting to compete or starting a project. Fear should be the same. If you are going to do a change in your life fear will be involved. But fear can’t take the control; we need to have the control. We can’t give too much weight on our fear. Anyway, there will be disappointments in life, so we can just be satisfied with ourselves for a while and then continue working towards the new disappointments or happy results. “No good feelings without hard feelings” – like one of my “Whattawowwords” says.

We get brave only when we have stepped into uncertainty. I was on a great lecture of a Finnish writer and entrepreneur Timo Hyväri and he said that we need to go there (to uncertainty) and improvise. “We need to do things we are afraid of before we have the courage,” he said. Hyväri also made it very clear that It is nonsense to think what the other people think. For some reason this is a common problem in Finland at least. We need to be ourselves and do our thing and don’t care about the toxic jealous people or those who don’t give any support.

I’m not that afraid of failure. I’m more afraid if I have enough energy and ability to concentrate, I’m worried about money of course. So my fear is more the thought if I ever get things done. And sometimes this fear paralyses. It makes me depressed and then powerless and unmotivated. Sometimes it feels impossible to check the mail box (I’m afraid of the empty mail box or bad news). Uncertainty can take away all the concentration and that’s bad. But suddenly I realise, shiiiiii, I don’t want to let my dreams go because of this fear! So it’s not only about how much you believe in yourself but also about how persistent you are: how much willpower you have?

As my fridge magnet puts it: I would be unstoppable if I could just get started. That’s the truth. In the end I myself am the worst enemy to put a strain on. And as time goes by, it is a great feeling to learn the approval and control of these feelings of fear and uncertainty.

Yrittäjän inhorealistiset jääkaappimagneetit
Story of my life! My fridge magnets tell about my path. I have bought these on the way and they have supported me with their disgust realistic humour. Humour is always good, with humour you will overcome anything!
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