How to Create Your Personal Brand and a Personal Blog Site?

Business — 26.1.2018

The products and services have a brand and so does a person! The most genuine brand tells what you are and represent. Naturally, Whattawowworld looks and sounds like me. Now I’m giving a branding case example based on my blog.

Everything starts from the BIG IDEA (the spirit)

The Big Idea defines everything, every move you make. In the long run it will be rewarded. You never see the results of the brand work immediately. But sooner or later you will create a remarkable, noteworthy brand. Big Idea means that you will work on the meaningful aspects. In theory, what are you, what kind of things are you driving and why? In practise, how you do it? Let’s go to into practise under the second big heading. Now, theory:

What is your vision – where are you aiming to?

Not being too modest, Whattawowworld just wants to save the world haha! The challenge here is the fact that I like to travel around and see this globe – so I take off way too often! In balance to that, I’m trying hard to work for the world and to find out solutions to the problems that we have. My work, my creative cases lay on the ecological and ethical projects – I want to choose that kind of projects since they are my passion and they are meaningful to me.

Thus, my vision is to make good things into fashion – if you could say so! No matter if it’s peace issues, ecological stuff, human or animal rights. All this interests me as a highly sensitive person. Often it’s frustrating too but worth the pain.

Target audience and niche
Remember to define your audience, who are you trying to talk to? And, what is your niche? I’m always saying that Whattawowworld is an empathic blog, which wonders what the world has to give. Respecting the world is always present and the hard work to preserve all the wonderful things that we have here. That’s why there is also the critical side, how to change things and be better.

All this shows in the WWW slogan: World is a miracle. Make sure it stays like that.

The mission
What is the concrete mission of your brand?
The mission of Whattawowworld is to courage people to see the world and widen the perspectives. It reminds us to enjoy the small everyday moments and pay attention to the beautiful details that the world and life has to give. It reminds us to respect all this and be empathic. And this hopefully gives the insight that we should take care of this place. Whattawowworld…

Brand Promise
Whattawowworld helps to enjoy the wonderful world and tries to make us give our best input for it. Once we’re here.

The blog themes showing all this are: Awareness. Restless Travelling. Enjoying the Moment.

How to present the Big Idea? Personal look and tone of voice (the body)

Then you split it out – properly! You put the Big Idea into visuals and voice. So define your style, how do you write and talk and present yourself visually. Also think what kind of content makes it you?

I’m strongly underlining my different features. The biggest thing is the fact that I’m a nature lover – I’m always saying that I’m natures own henna. I’m also a rap girl. I also like to tell about my creative work and projects that I really enjoy to do. I also like to talk about mental stuff since creativity and madness go hand in hand!

Under my blog themes the awareness stuff as well as the mental stuff are under the Feelings section. Creative business is of course under Business. And travels naturally under the Travels category. I also have a branded Whattawowperson and Whattawowmemory articles, which you’ll find under the Whattawow category.

blogpost category whattawowworld

I hope that the whole WWW site reflects my artistic soul. I drew my favourite things on the Persona page. There are things like grandmas and grandpas, a cursing platypus (my alter ego I guess) and a Finnish Sauna to mention a few. I also wrote down at least a hundred Whattawowwords – quotes made by me. There are also rap songs popping up and links to my Spotify lists.

Whattawowworld piirrokset lempijuttu kuvitus blogiin
Check my WWW illustration on the Persona page!
Whattawowworld piirros kiroileva vesinokkaelain
Whattawowworld inhabitants: Väpsykkä – the cursing platypus
whattawowword quote whattawowworld
Whattawowword quotes by me
whattawowworld rap song
The rap songs link to my Spotify lists
adventure thank you quote whattawowworld
There is also a thank you note! 🙂

I updated the logo on the new WWW. My super talented friend Teemu Koskenoja got it right, right away! It had to be as it was before: with “the arc of the world” and the playfulness in it. But now it had to be more clear – so that the audience could read the unique name better. What do you like about the new logo? Isn’t it quite WWW? And what do you like about the overall look and the experience? My man Antti Kareinen created the site – I wouldn’t have anything without him. And Ville, Antti’s brother got it all out in the form of code! I’m grateful to have these people around me.

vanha logo whattawowworld
The old logo – nice, but I had to admit it was a bit tricky to read
Whattawowworld uusi logo
New cool logo!
travelblog countries category
Different countries presented nicely

Besides custom made content I also put one of my concepts in the blog -and that’s the world famous Personal Travel Assistant! It was good to launch everything at the same time – and I can tell you I would have never got such attention for PTA unless my whole brand was in place. It’s very important to give the professional feeling and inspiration. At this point, I was very happy that I’m trying my best to write in English (beside my mother tongue Finnish) even though it means a double work for me. But now the hard work was kind of rewarded!

Everything that happens happens for a reason – I always say when it comes to brand work. Otherwise you are lost. This means that you know everything, you know what you are doing. You stand out by doing things your way and this is how you manage to create your personal brand. Never be inconsistent, always be clear and consistent, that people learn how your brand is. The most popular brands in the world have no inconsistency: Make your own thing shine and be proud of it. You can be yourself!

The Personal Travel Assistant by Whattawowworld
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