Baylaps – Butterfly Stroke

Business — 19.6.2015

It’s midsummer! In Finland, it’s a great celebration of the lightest day of the year. Sun doesn’t really go down at all, but the dark side is that many people do drown each year. Stubborn Finnish idiots drink themselves dead drunk, literally. (Usually) men go fishing and sailing a bit, start peeing over the board and sink for good. Sad.

Baylaps does its own part and wishes that no one is going swimming drunk this midsummer. I am myself soon off to Gozo – Malta’s sister island. Will spend the midsummer in a nice villa, by the pool yes. But have the adult like wine glasses afterwards.

But to the point! To make everyone his/her own life’s super swimmer, try this out! Butterfly – the hardest of all! By the public pool, you can brag about it! But don’t worry, if it’s not your thing – I HATE IT TOO hahhaa! But still it’s a nice style!

Stay safe and enjoy the midsummer weekend!

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