Feedback is Everything!

Business — 11.12.2015

‘Company’ in this post means both your work and general presence in human relationships.

Remember Y’all, Christmas is the time of giving! Usually, it’s so hard to get any words out of your surroundings – probably you hate this fact as much as I do. So let’s be role models and shake this ever-existing system. Maybe, before Christmas, we could share our thoughts and thank people completely!

Are you normally playing good company or bad company? Your feedback has a direct correlation to that. A human is always like a child – needing guidance, feedback and appraisal to go to the right direction and to carry on. I’m telling you that feedback has a direct correlation to your success – both in numbers and how you are seen as a person. Feedback is like the fighting spirit and with it, your company wins. Feedback makes people committed and motivates. It’s not the same everyday shit anymore; it becomes something special when people feel they have deserved some attention.

Showing feedback means and actually shows you care. You care about the person’s feelings. You don’t want people to feel uncertain. Feedback has a direct correlation to certainty. My training periods in advertising industry were the screwiest times because I basically didn’t exist, didn’t get any feedback. Even I wanted to, so bad. I had to be my own fighting spirit. Luckily I was young and did manage – now anyone can’t dismiss my creativity! You all know it’s quite common in everyday life: if you hear anything, it’s often negative things heard as a second-hand information – if even that. In fact, I often feel like a crappy person in this life because hardly ever people say any nice words. That’s a common feeling, we don’t say enough nice words to each other. All the rebels out there, we can do things in a different way! Thank people like we mean it, be attentive and tell aloud the smallest compliments that came across our minds.

A friend comes to me very tired. Unwilling to continue at work anymore. After talking with her, it seems that the only reason is that she doesn’t get any feedback. Work gets exhausting and meaningless without the powerful support structure – read feedback – or words that you can draw from. We have to manage in different companies a huge part of our lifetime, and that’s a totally waste of time if we don’t like it there. Make it significant for a person to invest some of his/her lifetime in your company.

The formula is easy. All you have to do is to open your mouth.


– Don’t tell, ”I don’t know about that, let’s think about it” and never get back.
– Never assume, that some people realise, how good or bad they are, give your feedback.


– Tell the smallest compliments you come across, they always feel nice – and this way you keep up the good mood easily and support the person.
– React and be attentive, if you want that someone is involved, be involved too!

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