Show Me Some Charisma!

Business — 27.10.2015

Last week Drake released his Hotline Bling music video, which immediately caused a huge fuzz and viral/meme wave. And made me write about charisma.

Well everybody knows that I’m a Drake fan. It’s nothing sexual; I’m not thinking that he’s hot. But what I greatly admire is his multi-skilled talent. He can rap and sing. In fact he started as an actor in a Canadian TV-show. At the moment the world is surprisingly watching his dance moves. Drake has It. What is also called charisma. But what makes It – because the magic behind charisma is not the expertise, it’s something in personal features.

I wrote down some important factors that I as a communication professional see that charismatic people definitely have. Often charismatic people just naturally shine, but there are some things, that you can borrow a bit even you wouldn’t be a star.

Drake represents self-confidence

Drake is a person that is definitely doing his own thing and being confident and consistent with that one. But what is important, his self-confidence is positive, not egoistic. And that is charismatic. One more time, check Drake’s dance moves.

Steve Jobs represents convincing speech

This is a treasure. Steve Jobs convincingly saying Microsoft has bad taste – but note; without giving a feeling that he’s mocking them. Afterwards, he brings Apple the most valuable brand in the world. Giving a feeling that he knows what he’s talking about surely made his way there.

Danyl Johnson represents body language

What makes the expression “twinkle in the eye”? Is it the same as charisma? I think it is. This guy here is so positive and enthusiastic that it makes him very attractive. And a charismatic person certainly does not hide his/her body language. It is there making you interesting.

Beyonce represents ”taking the room but giving space to others”

She seems calm, humble and a good listener, but in the same time she has a magnificent way of taking the room. Beyonce, she attends.

Bruno Mars represents empathy and involvement

When I saw this clip I got chills. Bruno Mars manages to show so much sympathy, in a big band performance. He is not charismatic only because he is empathetic but he also involves the whole audience, including Amy Winehouse up there.

Jennifer Lawrence represents humanity

Charismatic people are only human. You can identify with them. They make mistakes, are honest and can joke with themselves. Like Jennifer Lawrence. And she’s amazing, only with one quick sentence she laughs of her stupid little incident.

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