Work and Pleasure in Stockholm

Business — 27.3.2017

I don’t mind doing business trips. They mean the famous “work and pleasure” and I love travelling anyway. In fact I would love to travel more for work. When travelling for business the best part is that you need to pay for nothing!

This time I was doing branding stuff in Stockholm. It’s actually interesting how the change of setting gives so much energy; I was doing cool concepts at my desk all night long.

But what is the best thing on a business trip – when there’s no time for the holiday activities – is to at least enjoy the hotel surroundings. I don’t know why I never get tired of hotels – it is actually funny that I am smoothy both: the house mouse, I love being home, but also arriving to different destinations and hotels. I guess I’m able to feel at home everywhere.

At the hotel I enjoy the breakfast, morning gym, evening sauna and duvet covered bed… Hotel life is just amazing. Next business trip is to homeland Finland – can’t wait!

My room in Scandic Anglais Stockholm

Scandic Anglais' bed was so comfortable
Duvet bed is majestic
<<Lift selfie in Scandic Anglais Stockholm
Lift to the Peak
Connect your own program and watch whatever you like on the hotel TV
Nowadays they even promote you to watch your own stuff – freedom of choice today!
It is great that you can drink tap water at the Nordic hotels
I had missed you tap water!

Face Stockholm detergents

The shower of Scandic Anglais Stockholm

Hotel breakfast in French style
Hotel breakfast in French style: nutella croissant, Brie, pate, baguette…
My desk during my business trip
This was a great spot to create!

Selfie in the work overalls

Grey day selfie
The grey day picture
Scandinavian minimalism and a simple desk
Work work work work work
Hej says the Scandic Anglais' carpet with its unicorns
Unicorn carpet!
Neon door signs at Scandic Anglais
Like these colors

Swedish arms

Golden retriever as an office dog
Golden office dog

Sergel torget and the cinema

Relaxing at my hotel room at Scandic Anglais

Working overalls
Working overalls having a break
The hotel room at night
Nighttime room
Focus is the key of the hard work
#focus is the key of the hard work
Scandinavian airlines, SAS
Leaving Sweden behind