Making of a Crazy Bucket List in a Spa

Feelings — 2.1.2016

The New Year started very fine. Despite the social media hanging that we all have to do for some reason. Otherwise, I have stayed far away from my mobile devices and just taken it easy! This was a long needed break. I’m happy to spend the first days of the year at Holiday Club Tampereen Kylpylä Spa, and it’s nice to notice I do not have a headache! I have had this annoying instant little pain lately and stayed awake late against my will. Luckily all the tasks are handled and last year is behind now – and this start for the year hopefully represents the ideology of the whole new year: less load, more living! Why o why this is such a hard thing for a human being? At least to my species.

Unelmointia spa:ssa
Dreaming at Spa

Well then laying it all around chilling here I started to figure out all the nice things that I want to do in this year or probably in future – in my life. No hurries! I was floating in the spa bubbles and thinking aloud with a friend, what are our dream achievements. A bit crazy to-dos – the so-called bucket list. Here I’m revealing some of my desires. They are naturally pretty nuts and creative like me but why not possible?!

Henna’s bucket list

– Write books (from adults’ books to children’s stories)
– Do a travel series
– Get married in front of Elvis in Vegas
– Adopt an African kid
– Own something cool, like a rap club
– Create an art gallery of my own and do some of my bullshit there
– Decorate my own home (real home that I own, not a rental flat)
– Learn to braid / to do my hair
– Learn to be a tiny bit of a better cook
– Fly with an air balloon and disappear for a moment into the sky
– Win a peace medal


Haha! That’s my list! Have you thought any of yours? Hopefully – because it really helps to manage in everyday life and has a similar effect to holidays, that you wish always to have… Live feet strictly on the ground but head up high, I’m shouting here from the tenth floor!



Vanhana uimamaisterina viihdyn vedessä
As an ex swimming maestro I love water
Muita ei saa kuvata niin pitää lillua täällä sivummalla
Can’t shoot others so I slide here aside
Onku ois kardishian rantautunut vaikka oikeasti hyvin kaukana hahaa!
Almost like a Kardishian stranded, but this is only a photo illusion hahaa!
Delfiini delfiinien joukossa
A dolphin within dolphins
Minä se sitten rakastan kylpytakkeja!
I just love bathrobes!

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