What Comes Around Goes Around

Feelings — 2.7.2016

I have been wondering, how in life the same things go round and usually come to you again. In the end, the points of interests always stay the same. I remember when I was around ten years old and picked all the travel brochures at the local kiosk. I was browsing them passionately and folded the page corners for the curious destinations and ticked the hotels where I wanted to travel. I had many places on my bucket list – and I wonder where did this travel fever arise from since our family didn’t travel that much. Later on, the browsing became more concrete when I was looking for the language course or the university exchange destination. And those were the experiences that gave the sparkle for all this travelling! That was the first bite and the confidence that I can do this!

Some while ago when I was visiting my dear friend she pulled something out of the box. She had found the magazines that I had written and given her as B-day or Christmas presents for many years when we were child. Back then we had a band called Happy go Lucky, and this was the fan magazine. It felt crazy to notice after around twenty years that back then I had written eight pages articles about the holidays of the band and how we travelled to 1) Hawaii, which has later become a very significant place to me and 2) Malta where I have lived about five years. I didn’t remember this! Beside the high-flown writing and stories, I had attached a lot of pictures by ripping the gossip pics of the yellow magazines and replacing the faces of the models basking by the pool or the pop stars jumping in the waves with our faces. Buahahaha! Whatta funny read!


Besides writing and arts singing and theater were well presented in my life when I was a child or a teenager. I was the multi doer; screenwriter-director as well. I got my video camera as a gift when I passed my confirmation school. Wow, we did a lot of different genre films and music videos with that one. And we put the 100 percent in. Today I’m missing all those hobbies. Those mean the laughter and living the moment!

I was already going to the theater high school where I got in before some sudden changes happened, and I had to skip it. But nowadays I’m wondering how life would be different if I had gone there. Life is full of small paths; you realise it more and more when getting older. And in life, we should never think logically. I decided to work as a copywriter just because I thought that it would be such rare industry in Finland to be a script writer. Even there is a lot of obstacles nothing’s impossible in the end(?) A lot of work, but not impossible.

Being a geography teacher had also crossed my mind because I always enjoyed the lessons and did such detailed presentations about different countries like Macedonia or Madagascar. But then again, I thought I would get bored with the repetitive teaching plan and themes. Being a marine biologist would have surely been more interesting. I still watch nature documents quite often and stand for the travels to nature.

In the university – I was already heading for communications and marketing – but had a quick thought about being a gallerist while I studied art history as my side subject. Now I’m dreaming about my gallery again, some day… And during the free time I try to relax by looking at the books about art history and reading about a few paintings. It’s nice.

And now what. After all, that dream browsing of the travel brochures in the 90s, I have worked for the same travel company in the adulthood. Five years ago in the advertising agency Aurinkomatkat was my main client and now again I’m writing some travel articles for them. What comes around goes around. That’s how it goes.

“I should have become a great actress,” my passed grandma said once in her old days. I can see it in my eyes; her being a black and white film star. Her sentence has kept me going in this obstacle-filled world and gave the thought that it’s never too late to do what you want. Let’s keep rolling!


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