Do Adults Have Imagination?

Feelings — 19.11.2015

Lately, I did a little experiment on Instagram. I asked my followers to create a collective story just by writing down any sentence that comes first in mind in the comment section. Only a couple of my friends joined, and, to be honest; I had to ask for that. How pathetic is that? Not only to me but to our whole representative group: adults!

Sometimes it’s boring to live among adults. Adults are very serious. That depresses me. Why so serious?

Throwing oneself into something seems really difficult. Getting excited takes effort too. Adults are acting according to assumed certain behaviour that stops them to do anything “abnormal” and they need to conform themselves to other boring adults. This is called the safe and sound life. It exists in the public, neighbourhood and the workplace – at home you perhaps can set free a bit. How is it with you, are you acting like you would like to? The question is, are people happy in the copy-paste format? Are they real persons with their imagination or are they lambs?

I’m calling for a spontaneous life here! I claim that we poor adults are probably living much more poor life than we could be having. That’s because we don’t simply do things like they appear in our minds at first. We use a lot of filters. Because we are uncertain how others react to that something.

The so-called imagination killers are uncertainty that has to do with other people’s criticism (there is always someone blackguarding), busy, hectic life and laziness with acquired habits. Our imagination withdraws along these facts and the most heart-pounding details of our lives suffer from this. And when getting used to this, do we even realise that we could have much funnier life, fully invested life and for sure a better sex life. No wonder people need so much entertainment when they don’t use their full potential.

I am very confident with my imagination – my mindset has always been creative – and I totally would have participated in someone’s collective story but when it comes to typical occasions my life is not like in a creative script even I would like it to be. Many times I find it frustrating that I don’t have the courage to talk or even smile to a nice looking guy that could be the man of my life – by 0,99 percent chance, but hey you never know! Often I wonder why I just don’t do more nice little detachments during the weekday because as a freelancer I could. Like taking a random bus and going some place new. Or have a dip in the sea even it’s a bit chilly. We, adults, should live more like kids – with the do and learn mentality or rather do and stay alert mentality – no wonder we get exhausted during the day if all we do is sit in front of the laptop! We should make some mess. Childish twist disappears during the age. And it is a shame because every kid has imagination. And imagination has a correlation to a meaningful life. Don’t you think so?

I believe life would be first of all easier and second of all much rewarding if it wasn’t too formal. Thus I just bought a Christmas calendar for myself, even I’m a thirty-year-old. Thirty-year-old naive lady.

“You have this naive touch of excitement in life. Keep that. You rarely see that in this world.” Some random person told me in Australia. I was happy to hear that.

Me exploring Remarkable Rocks on Kangaroo Island, South Australia. I renamed them to Salvador Dali rocks, such an imaginative creatures!
Me exploring Remarkable Rocks on Kangaroo Island, South Australia. I renamed them to Salvador Dali rocks, because they are such imaginative, funny rocks!
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