Peace Please! The Survival Skill of the Future is Empathy

Feelings — 29.5.2018

Just lately I attended a lecture where a neuroscientist Katri Saarikivi from the University of Helsinki told that empathy is an essential survival skill. That is because human are social crowds and not able to survive alone. Those who interact in a constructive manner survive. Like we – Homo sapiens – did back in the days. Our brains supported interaction and skills like empathy. We worked as a group and thus could overcome the challenges like cold, hunger or a sudden danger. Empathy is crucial also in future. The biggest problems of today are beyond the land borders – this time we are talking about the global warming.

It’s kind of scary to watch the scifi TV-series Black Mirror. It’s about the future but it reminds about today. There are episodes in which people don’t have any manners. Hate speech has gone too far and there’s not much positivity but negative media and media literacy is forgotten. The episode Hated in the Nation is chilling! The hate speech literally causes deaths there. You need to watch it! And also watch the episode Nosedive, where people are rating each other with points – and the life is so surreal but somehow so close to today. In fact, apparently they are already planning some kind of rating systems in China. Crazy shit.

It’s hard to understand the complexity of a human. I wonder when do we lose the innocence of a child. At what point the narrow-minded parenting or an inner selfishness change the open view of the kid? The world’s illness is the lack of education – the ignorance. The terrorists have one truth in their religion. The Westerns have the greed for material. Religions and the money – the sources of all the major problems. I think the world should have some global education; some sort of peace lessons. Even though the world has changed and opened already a while ago we are still playing inside the borderlines of our countries. But how would it work; how can you teach peace globally? I would at least make all the people travel – there should be a travel fund. Travelling opens the world. Looking forward to seeing the day when we make it sustainably.

The terrorism and the racism are both narrow-mindness, the ability not to see the people as one nation of the world – one love, as Bob Marley put it. I’ve been happy to notice that the kids and the young generations of today are quite exceptional. They play together on the yards and have personal looking groups. Overall, it seems that the world situation is good and hopeful when it comes to new generations and smart people. Unfortunately, it seems that the brands, communities etc. have to underline self-evident truths because of some absurd groups of extreme right. They might be hopeless anyway – unless they awaken their survival skill, the empathy. So I hope that very soon we will have both broad-minded equality and the sustainable ecological stuff as natural part of the everyday life – as it should be already!

People accept each other if they are empathic towards each other. If they settle for someone else’s position. Perspective is the great word! It’s behind the happiness in life and the understanding of other people. Do you have empathy? If you put others on the same line with you, I think you’re a pretty good person!

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