Let’s Not Litter

Feelings — 14.8.2018

I’ve been going to some of the summer festivals in Finland and there is still one more to go – the rap music Blockfest this weekend in Tampere. Last weekend it was great to watch Kendrick Lamar etc. at Flow festival in Helsinki but it wasn’t that great to see all that amount of trash there was. Wait a minute: I thought it’s mostly adults who visit this festival! And I thought that we learn some ecological awareness – not to throw trash in the nature – already in the babyhood! People seem to be real pigs. There were plenty of litter bins in the event and still the ground of the sold out event was full of trash. Come on, it’s always possible to wait until the next trash can comes on the way – it’s not a big deal. It’s hard for me to understand how the main focus in life is to have fun and not to give a shit how the surroundings look like. I really hope we can get rid of this kind of selfishness. Selfishness is as bad as nuclear waste…

As I wrote in previous article; it is kind of uncivilised if we don’t recycle things. Well it’s very uncivilised if we litter! That doesn’t ask for any sort of effort to realise that sooner or later we’ll drown in the waste we produced unless we care. This is what the reports say already: that by the 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in our seas. And of course, one single piece of garbage makes the huge rafts. After all, we are more than 7,6 billion people here… And not only people; it’s heart breaking to see those images of animals: a bird with a beer can stuck into his beak or a whale her opened stomach full of plastic. I fucking love science picture shows well, how long it takes until the stuff (we leave behind) will be decomposed. I’m happy about the fact that just lately so many different parties – countries and brands – have started to ban unnecessary plastic cutleries, plastic bags, straws etc. There is still a lot to do with fishnets etc. and micro/nano plastics that should be banned everywhere immediately. I guess we’re never ready but we are getting wiser and better. We need collective power to solve these environmental problems – and a common will! Like the Blue Planet Earth video clip put it well: “We don’t inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our grandchildren.” This line gives quite a meaningful and good perspective for our existence on this planet.

I think the education and the environmental education has a huge role in all this, in the big picture. Now that the schools have started I appeal all the teachers and education professionals to keep the environmental learning present all the time. The kids are the future and solutions to make things right. And they are damn wise when they get some great role models. Of course, home and parenting and all the others matter too!!! Of course, there are adults – as seen in the music festivals – that also still need guidance… Do you prefer to be smart and casual role model or a careless party pig?

Once, I saw a teenage girl running after a teenage boy on my favourite beach in Malta – on Ramla Bay. I thought she had a crush on him and she was running after him to get this contact details… but nope. The girl said to the boy: “I saw you threw a trash on the beach. You can’t do that. Pick it up.” And the boy was confused but followed the order. That was so sweet. Some day, my girl will be like that!

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