All Power To All People

Feelings — 23.8.2018

Not too long ago I wrote about empathy and peace – but here’s never enough peace in this world so I write about my favourite subject again. Peace, equity and equality versus racism. Peace is probably one of my favourite topics because I hate conflicts. I feel very unpleasant when I face conflicts, even some tiny ones. Sometimes I’m even thinking if I’m too sweet and friendly and demanding that from all the others too… But then again, is it even possible to be too friendly and empathic? Like one of the quotes of Dalai Lama puts it well “The planet does not need more ’successful people’. The planet desperately needs more peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers and all lovers of all kinds.” I think I can agree to that. There is such a crazy amount of total nonsense in this world – so yeah, I welcome all the positive vibes here!

Kofi Annan, a great man passed away. I read some of the memorials; it was written that he was a man who had both the humanitarian values and tough leadership skills. So that is possible – even for men – usually it’s said that women have this combination; those ”soft values” in their leadership. RIP Kofi Annan. RIP Aretha Franklin too. She also was a strong voice who fought for the minority.

Yesterday I went to the movies to watch the BlacKkKlansman. Beside the very important topic it was interesting that a Finnish actor Jasper Pääkkönen had a great role in the movie – he played the racist part, the character named Felix. And he played it very well. I’m a proud Finn here! The movie showed the heavy subject with some humour. In fact, the humour brought up the racist absurdity in a very effective way! But the end was serious – some serious bullshit. When the movie was finished everybody was dead silent. And I still remember the hate and anger in Jasper’s, I mean Felix, eyes.

It’s hard to understand the hate towards different people. When following the life of the humankind it’s possible to fitness total lunatic stuff. Just lately I was watching the “Dark Tourist” document where they showed the “Suidlanders” group who live in South Africa. These people believe in the doomsday; that’s when the black will come and revenge and destroy everything. These crazy people live beyond the barbed wire fences and are storing a whole lot of food there and they do exercises for the doomsday to be prepared to save their race. It was kind of comical, pathetic, sad and fucking scary at the same time. How there can possibly be this dumb people that maintain the segregation. Apartheid today still – you kidding me… I have watched similar crazy stuff in Sacha Baron Cohen’s latest political satire “Who is America”. Can’t believe those events are true lol. Watch it. These movies and shows are great material to feel yourself quite a wise friendly fellow ☺

All power to all people! Like they say in the BlacKkKlansman movie.

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