Drowning in the Information Flood vs. Taking Care

Feelings — 26.5.2016

Many times I’m thinking: is it only me or how can people handle it in today’s world? As soon as I came back from slow paced Asian countries to Europe, I have been struggling again. Sometimes I’m so depressed I can’t get out of the sofa and other days I feel like a champion. There is so much going on, and not the least online. All this makes life so unbalanced. There is this non-stop feeling of the need to be online handling different tasks. There’s no actual FREEtime anymore or the chance to set your mind free in Real Life. All the time we are somehow all active and available or restless at least. The thing that I’m worried about is us drowning in the information flood and the new indirect requirements that the social media has set. How is our wellbeing today – how can we deal with the new life online?

The spiritualism and old traditional values disappear all the time. The inner peace is harder and harder to reach. While I have been trying to think how to stop the ridiculous way of life we are heading to and how to value the RLRL – real life real love – good old times again, I went to loose it down a little myself. I went to enjoy the old Indian massage tradition, Elakizhi. After my everyday mental gym break at Le Meridien, I enjoyed this one and half hour warm oil treatment at Myoka Lotus Spa. How lovely it can be to let the troubles and the muscle pains melt away. There were similar thoughts to mine on the Spa walls… “Take the command of your life now.” Take care of yourselves and live the Real Life. That’s something we won’t regret in the rocking chair.








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