Independence Day Abroad

Feelings — 7.12.2014

I was celebrating Finland’s Independence Day (6th of December) on sunny Malta. I left from Finland over three years ago and afterwards have only gone for a regular holidays. Finland is dear to me. There are close people to me. Finland is beautiful but can be hard too. What I haven’t missed at all is the grey autumn and even more horrifying harsh winter. It’s so rainy and dark! (Even though I can’t say that Finnish nature and four seasons wouldn’t be quite something.) Anyway, I don’t know how I would survive the dark period anymore. I’ve always been the birthday girl “Miss July” and loved summer and the sunlight – and when I have lived here in Malta and have travelled a lot I have become an “Island Girl” too. It doesn’t matter what is the island, even Hawaii goes perfectly fine…

Now, I was intentionally trying to annoy Finnish people. The other thing that I don’t miss back home is the jealousy that we might have: I think we are too restricted to do things according the certain norms in life and then we also feel too easy about commenting each other’s, even our neighbour’s, life. Isn’t it the point to listen to your own intuitions and to do want you want to do when you are living your life just once?! Finnish people would need to learn to be more supporting, eager and interested in each other in a positive, generous and helping way. They should support each other’s dreams – and first of all: have dreams! Haha, I don’t even dare to write all the things of the Finnish language version down here that we will get some tourist to Finland even in future. Just kidding!

What I appreciate a lot is the rich and interesting secret language that we have – Suomi / Finnish. It has been extremely important for me, especially when performing arts has been part of my life since I was a kid. I also work with words because I’m a creative planner.

Missing my home country Finland on the Independence Day in Malta
I miss Finland

When it comes to the Finnish people I really appreciate their world famous honesty – and that we are saying things like they are. I don’t dig the American/Australian way; how everything is so cool even if it wasn’t! In my opinion, being the truth is the easiest way and develops the world. Well maybe we Finnish people could learn to show the truth in a bit softer way though……..

Honesty and persistency are the things that I learned from my very dear late grandma. I am so grateful for the past generations that made our independence and who fought for it; my grandpa was also involved in war. I miss my grandparents, I really appreciate and love old people in general. I have always been talking about the importance of the young generations to spend some time with the old fellows. Such time is golden and we can learn so much from them. In fact, I have created this meet’n’greet relationship with the old sport of the neighbour here in Malta. Would be so interesting to hear more of his stories but I have felt shy to ask him because he might think that I’m not that honest Finn but a gold digger, haha!

I miss my home country Finland on the Independence Day in Malta
Oooo but I go there in two weeks time, for Christmas

Instead of the salty sea here abroad – I miss the sauna of the summer cottage and the Finnish lake. It’s the best thing in the world – I can tell you my international friends! Time just stops there: you will be totally relaxed in the hot sauna when you are naked with the others and you run and jump in the lake! The lake is so natural and good that it makes your skin and hair shine… I love Finland. Please come and visit soon. Next summer Miss July has her 30th Birthday…

Spending the Finnish Indenpendence Day in Malta
Welcome to Finland!
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