Are You Living in the Moment?

Feelings — 5.9.2015

How often are you feeling serene? By that I mean a total 100% peace inside you. When you are not thinking anything else, but just feeling the moment. I think we modern people don’t have much peaceful moments and we seldom “STOP”. We should practise it. At least I feel so. I always manage to have the serene feeling and many calm moments during my trips in all those beautiful settings – and probably that is one important reason why I always want to be somewhere else hah! I can escape stress, hectics and my messed head abroad easily. What is kind of stupid is that I have to put some effort to remind myself of the great privilege of living here in the warm night’s Malta! Malta feels not “abroad” to me, because it’s home and everyday. But I decided that I need to concentrate practising the serene feeling here, and I try my best to take everything out of my time on this little island. In the end this has been a special place to me already for nine years, but I never know how long I will live here. Everything is so open and future is always a surprise.

But back to basics. In order to feel serene, I think we need to forget the unknown future and…

Actually be there in that specific moment. To be able to calm down I try do like I feel for. I often like to go down on my home beach and read on the pier in the last sunrays of the evening. Every once in a while I raise my head from the book and look around the setting and savour what I’m reading. It’s very relaxing in that specific early evening sunlight and comfortable warmth. And when I feel like that I jump into the water. When I’m diving around I feel like Henna 10 years. Even when I’m working at home, I have noticed that I can’t force myself. It’s only a waste of time. I need to have a certain feeling to overcome certain things. Do you get me? Since we are here only once, try to cut the shittiest obligations and listen to yourself more even in the everyday life.

Put the mobile away. I decided to use my iPad, mobile / social media only when I’m uploading something there. Otherwise I will be living my whole life online if I’m checking it as a habit all the time.

Observe the surroundings. I felt like my grandma when I was sitting on my balcony and watching by passers strolling along on my home street last night. While I was putting all my senses to sip my wine, hear the voices and watch the scene – girls walking and eating ice cream, grannies in their flower dresses, Maltese cats fighting – I was there. My grandma was lonely and she had a long time, thus she was in a window stalking. Now I found the cleverness of this thing, goddamn it’s relaxing! It’s also the best thing to do when travelling. Go to a street café and enjoy the street life rolling by…

Harley Davidson top on and the mood lighting on a balcony in the evening in Malta
Roll in the moment – this is when Harley Davidson finds peace. PEACE.
Waiting on the balcony on a Harley Davidson top on in Malta and the night has fallen
It’s nice in Malta at the moment. Warm nights and the mood lights. In addition there is a “festa” season going on. It means that each village celebrates their local saints or smt, you figure it out. But the festa season appears very loud – because they are shooting the fireworks (even colourless bombs during the day) all the time, and they have noisy parades. When it’s an orchestra passing by I find it nice, but sometimes it’s just ugly loud music. So much for that serene feeling!
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