33 Years in Finland And Abroad – How Do the Surroundings And the Age Change You?

Feelings — 19.7.2018

Just a year ago the day after my Birthday I moved from Malta back to Finland. Almost seven years abroad had passed and it felt good to be back in homeland – and it still does. However, I have noticed that the years abroad – travelling in general – has changed me and the last few years have made significant changes in me (in fact, I could see Whattawowworld as a growth story). Now I’m reviewing the good things that the age has given! After all it’s my Birthday week.

Appreciation of your roots

Fresh air, Finnish building style; warm home, amazing clean nature, great chances for hobbies and cultural experiences. That’s what I love in Finland! Over the years I have realised how grateful and proud I am to be a Finn and how homeland – especially “Savo”, the place of my origin – is the best place on Earth. The cover picture is taken by the lake in Northern Savonia.

Mental Growth and Wisdom

It’s great to notice how the age and the world together teach many things and broaden the philosophy of life. Suddenly I don’t complain about small things anymore, my empathy skills are higher than ever and I know how to be grateful for the basics. Is this the salt of life?

Fluid balance

Since when there has been a glass or even a jug of water next to my bed?! Do you have it as well? It feels pretty crazy that I’m getting dry with age! My need for water and rest has increased tremendously (this is the only issue which is a bit boring sometimes).  I still remember when I was wondering the fact that a person should drink three litres of water per day. Now I’m drinking at least six litres!!! What happened? Well, the good thing is that I’m still very thirsty for adventures too – and thirsty for achieving a lot in this life!


At a certain age – a couple of years back around the time I started Whattawowworld – I had learned to take some responsibility for our planet. I think the age makes you more mature and you start to think in larger scale in stead of just thinking about yourself. Even I have always loved the nature I am so much more aware of the environment now. I hope the others have got this skill too – after all, this is directly proportional to caring about others. Let’s remember the future generations too.

Well-being and Self-love

I think we also learn to love our selves in later life. At least I’m aware that I should be more gracious for myself and sometimes satisfied with myself rather than demand impossibility: “do this and that and that in one short afternoon”… I also try to cherish the good feeling and exclude the factors that don’t help the good feeling but make things worse. We all should do those things that make us happy with those people that make us happy. We should leave that poisonous person or the negative circles behind. Also the human communication should be reciprocal – so why to have a friend who never contacts you or asks you a single question when you meet her/him. I want to feel better by keeping only those people in my life who truly care about me like I care about them. It’s important to have the connection working.


With a light reference to the previous one, with age it’s easier to feel more confident and certain: you don’t let the others make you feel insecure anymore. When learning not to care too much and not expecting anything from anyone life is much more pleasant because you don’t have to get disappointed. Professionalism is at its peak too! When you believe in yourself and concentrate on that – you know what you are doing.

These are the comforting lines for the next decade!

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