Whattawowworld’s Double Birthday Party

Feelings — 12.11.2016

It was a crazy week in the world history. Without going any deeper in the topic, I just have to mention that probably the biggest worry that I got was a sight of Kim Kardashian as the first lady in future (Kanye has stated he will apply for the US president someday, and anything seems to be possible in States). I don’t want that!

Happier topics. WWW has the 2nd Birthday! Time flies! On the other hand, it feels like I was writing for a longer time already. I’m developing the site at the moment because it’s not really updated and looks old ruined crap but I hope I will reach the glory days again.

Yesterday I just got some great B-Day gift type of news – there’s a co-operative trip coming! After a month I will travel somewhere warm. It’s lovely and feels so important to get some good news as it hasn’t always been the easiest. When it comes to Whattawowworld partners, I am extremely happy to notice I have done co-operation with the greatest travel operators in Finland – Finnair you all know at least!

Two years ago I wouldn’t have thought that I will actually get something out of this. I wasn’t even targeting for that. The goals have changed a bit afterwards. I have understood that I can’t really travel in all privacy even though that would be an ideal thing to me. I have to make the profession out of it – and well luckily there are some things that I want to say and drive too!

Like the fact how I have changed over the past years – and that we can do so! It’s crazy how two years ago when I started the blog I was a lil disaster as a consumer. I did a six weeks trip in the US and was for instance spending nights shopping at Times Square. Now I have understood where the world lies. I have always been a nature lover but last few years I have become aware of many things. There is more time to think and notice issues when the hectic life is left behind. I’m a typical – and also some hope giving – example of the change in a person. Becoming better is goooood. Life is good when you keep learning all the time!

Just yesterday on the first day of the B-Day (WWW has two B-Days because I started the blog in Hawaii and it was -12 hours time difference to home) I was grateful thinking how I really appreciate the freedom and enlightenment that I have felt in these past two years. Well, I don’t know where the hell I will end up – is it possible to capture the freedom? I wish! I am still very restless and need to keep going. Some people are meant to go. Let’s see if it will ever change.

Maltalla vielä upee sää
The Birthday picture
Maltalla kaikkialla on kaktuksia
There are cactus everywhere in Malta
Synttärit meksikolaishengessä
B-Day party in Mexican style
Fish tacoja! Parhaat olen saanut toki Meksikossa
Fish tacos! I dream about the ones in Mexico
Parasta maailmassa, elämässä ja Meksikossa ovat värit!
The best thing in the world, in life and in Mexico are the colours!
Rakas valo
Dear light
Frida, lempparihenkilöni
Frida, my favorite character
Synttärikuplivat kiskalla
B-Day bubbles at a kiosk, chilled nothing fancy
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