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Feelings — 12.11.2014

Three years ago I did my first world around trip. That’s when I started to think that I should make some notes / diary / a travel blog about my travels but didn’t really feel comfortable sharing my life. Well I guess times change and I have changed and opened up a bit. Since I truly enjoy travelling as well as all the beautiful things in life, from now on I will share them to my family, friends and why not the others too who are somehow for some reason interested in my life(?) Yes, this is the diary of my life. Online. Public for anyone. SHIIIT.

But I believe that sharing the happy things and moments in life, helps myself to be positive and hopefully it reflects on the others too. Actually this is all about ALOHA! And that’s why; what would be a better place than Hawaii to start my blog! Here I am sitting in the cafe having ocean all open in front of me while I’m leaving the border of the strict privacy settings behind and deciding to do smt totally new for me! ALOHA is not only a Hawaian greeting to say hi or bye, the deep meaning of it is love. Here in Hawaii it is crazy how people are so friendly and smiley. In fact I was here already three years ago during my world around trip and got “Aloha kissed”. I feel so good here. There’s a lot to learn from the people here – both local and visitors. Everyone is on a good mood helping each other and that takes over.

The magic of Aloha is as strong as the world’s most active volcano here on the big island of Hawaii. That’s also funny, what could be a better place to start my story telling than a place that can erupt anytime! That’s also meeeee… Yeah, Mount Kilauea is being hyperactive. Like myself. I’m excited!!! Warmly welcome to Whattawowworld!


Lei in the neck enjoying Aloha spirit in Honolulu in Hawaii, Oahu's Diamond Head behind

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