Earth in My Mind! The Moments When I Have Realized What a Perfect Planet We Live in

Feelings — 25.5.2019

Under the European parliament election – and under that fact how many countries have already over consumed the natural resources of the world – it is good to think about our beautiful world once again!

These are some of the moments when I realised how amazing our planet is:

Day @ The Museum of Natural History

The Museum of Natural History in New York is incredible. I spent the whole day there trying my best to observe all the earth’s organisms and inhabitants, all that diversity the world offers. This museum is a truly educational place – you realize how short the history of people is and still, how much we have been able to cause destruction. In addition to the existing animals, it is fascinating to get to know the extinct animals. The Dinosaur hall was glorious. I felt so small next to the genuine preserved skeleton of Rex and Apatosaurus.

Blue whale Museum of Natural History New York

Sea is unknown

Museum of Natural History New York

Apatosaurus Museum of Natural History New York

First encounter with a humming bird

Birds give me so much joy. I love following especially the small birds – and bird song is gold for my ears. I am a big fan of humming birds. I follow all the possible humming bird accounts on Instagram and send the most beautiful pictures to my fellow nature lover friends. I think the exotic, colourful, tiny humming birds are one of the most beautiful creatures I know. Thus, I was enamoured when I saw a humming bird first time in my life in Mexico.

Watching Planet Earth

When I have watched the nature documents my whole world has expanded. The great skilled documents such as David Attenborough narrated Planet Earth give such a world tour to the nature that there is no similar! It is fascinating to see what kind of special creatures we have living on this planet and how everything is connected in nature. Everything that happens happens for a reason. Through these programs I have seen that we are living in a masterpiece. And the animals are so much fun to follow!

Walking in the forest

No wonder that it’s psychologically proven that green is a soothing colour. This brings us to the fact where we come from, nature. After moving back from rocky Malta to forestry Finland I have been enchanted by the forests. It feels like I’m walking in the fairy-tale when I just take a few steps and go to the woods.

Forest Herttoniemi Finland

The starry sky on Kauai

Magic in the air. This sentence well describes the feeling I had on Kauai in Hawaii under the starry night sky. The only think I could think was such a small thing as the universe – and how on earth we lucky bastards ended up here! I had a feeling that there is nothing greater than life. Thus, is was just magical to lay there on the grass and look up at the stars.

Kauai Hawaii sunset
Before the starry sky

The coral waters of Fiji

Once in my life I have experienced the perfect coral seas, this was in Fidzi. In other places I’ve seen the hurt broken grey sad corals. When I went under the surface in Fiji a whole new world opened there: everything was big, colourful, cheerful. There were all kinds of soft corals dancing in the set and stone corals sitting majestic there. And I lived a moment in life there, that I didn’t realize to be so rare…

Coral waters of Fiji

Fiji, coconut on the beach

Let’s not take our Earth for granted. The climate change we are causing can’t go any further. It’s time to go back to nature.

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