Palm Tree Philosopher: Restless vs. Restful Feeling

Feelings — 16.11.2018

It’s crazy how a small effort – reducing the use of social media – can make the life quality so much better!

Last spring I had a five days holiday in Quy Nhon in Vietnam. I was lying under the palm trees and was wondering, why I feel so restless. That was a beautiful Sunday afternoon that reminded me of those toasty warm summer afternoons in the childhood; I saw the sunrays in the air and the sun set the warm colours in the surroundings. This also gave me the feeling of the childhood adventures when we hit the beach or did a bicycle trip. We always felt so cheerful in that moment. That’s something what I was missing now! Why I was restless? Why I couldn’t free my mind and be happy and calm in the moment. Why I rather felt nostalgic about the 90s and kind of sad.

Of course I knew this strange feeling had something to do with the fact that it was hard for me to be happy in the present. It seems that being present is harder than never before. It seems people get dull if they just have to deal with the normal peaceful silent moment. Social media makes us restless and takes away the concept of feeling satisfied in life. All the information and social media flood takes away the ability to be calm and concentrate in the moment. The life we lived before – the life without smartphones – feels so boring now because we are not used to that anymore. The restless mind guides the restless fingers to click the social media app by autopilot, just like that!

I wanted to change this! Finally I realised to make an effort to do so. Six weeks ago I decided that from that day on I would only use social media (Facebook and Instagram) when I’m updating something on WWW. At the same time I can check if there are any interesting events coming, what kind of pics the closest friends have put there (by clicking their profiles, that’s the shortcut), if there are any work related gigs on the Facebook groups etc. Otherwise I won’t use those channels anymore.

This has been a game changer for me! Suddenly my life has become so much more pleasant. I notice that I’m happier; I feel better when my mind is calm and restful – and when I’m not addicted and trapped anymore! I’m able to focus and concentrate on things and when I’m working I’m so much more efficient. And this is great, when you’re an entrepreneur! I am able to be more present and to live the moment now – just like in the good old times. Living the life is my main focus now! I had the withdrawal symptoms for one week: I did not sleep well and my finger was clicking the app automatically before I realised it. I was very restless in the beginning but then it became easier. Soon I didn’t have any problems and now I’m totally used to this new pattern of only using social media when I put there something. I’m happy about my life now. Have you decided / are you planning to do something similar? I highly recommend that. Such a little effort and so much happier and satisfied life!

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I felt so wishful about those good old times in my childhood the 90s that I got sad about my restless situation on a holiday in Vietnam!

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After I made my social media usage rational the change was radical: I feel happy and present now!

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