The Big Realization: You Are Responsible For Your Life.

Feelings — 16.5.2019

This! The title is probably one of the best insights I have ever heard. And I found this wisdom in Reddit! Funny! The nickname edthehamstuh had written a thorough advice: You are responsible for your life. By taking responsibility, you give yourself the power to create change. Read the whole post here.

Like this advisor states it’s nothing but waste of time and energy to play the blame game and grumble in misery. The only way to get rid of the problem is to claim responsibility and try doing something about it! Sometimes – I feel that often – this is easier said than done! But even though it would take time to make change it’s important to realize that it’s actually possible to do something.

I also ran into Gary Vaynerchuck’s manifest: that the change that you exist is 400 trillion to one! He said not to complain about nonsense and to do something with life: we gotta own it!

I agree. So ok; I will try to remember all this.

And you, what are you going to do about it?

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