So Long Azure Window!

Feelings — 10.3.2017

I got goose skin when I heard on the Women’s Day that the iconic Azure window in Gozo (Malta) had collapsed. First came denial. And it is still hard to believe that this happened. Since this natural miracle had such a huge impact on me, I wonder how it was to the Gozotians and Maltese then! I know that my friend Chris feels very wistful at least, he has a lot of both childhood and adulthood memories based on there.

I have a couple of nice memories too. First time I saw Azure Window about 12 years ago when I did my Erasmus exchange in Malta. During the Gozo carnival we went to the island with the Uni crew. Before getting the party started we spent a whole day at Dwejra. We climbed up to the highlands and had a picnic there – back then it was allowed to do so. Of course I took some pictures of the wonderful window. I was also diving for the first time in my life on that day – in the super clear and turquise waters of Gozo. It felt captivating; the underwater world was so different.

Last time I spent at Azure almost two years ago – had a midsummer trip to Gozo with Antti. While we were there at Azure Window it was very stormy and the waves were hitting it like crazy! Antti was taking some great photos and I was just sitting on the rock and looking at the natural wonder. Now I’m thinking, how wonderful it has been to witness the existence and completion of such beauty.

RIP Azure. With warm memories, Hepu

The last windows taken by Antti

Malta's Azure Window is a popular sight on Gozo
Azure Window (Tieqa Tad-Dwejra in Maltese) collapsed on the Women’s Day
The sea is stormy next to Azure Window on Gozo
A couple of years ago when I was at Azure for the last time the weather was very stormy. It was the same this week when it collapsed.

Still life with Azure

Selfie in front of the Azure Window on Gozo in Malta
The last selfie at Azure Window!

Here’s a video that I made a couple of summers back; there is also a clip of the stormy night at Azure Window.