Have a Break! How to Balance the Real Life And the Life in Social Media?

Feelings — 19.6.2018

I wake up. It’s a beautiful morning, a perfect moment: the sun is shining and I can hear the birds that are singing their summer hits. Then I get an idea that someday I will write about these kinds of moments. I have to take my phone to write down this note, otherwise I will forget – that’s the problem of today; the evolution is slowly shortening my memory. So that’s about my calm moment – I have suddenly destroyed it by becoming restless. That’s the common mood of today, to feel restless.

There are no similar moments or similar life like it was in the 90’s and in the 2000s. It’s so hard to fully enjoy the moment and concentrate – to be present – these days. Restlessness bothers all the damn time. The enormous information flood, the rush of thoughts and missions inside the head and just the fact that we need to report everything we do on Instagram takes away that sweet calmness. It seems like we weren’t living our life if we don’t put it on Instagram. It’s like the life has no meaning. Maybe this is because we don’t meet and spend time in real life that much anymore. The life is in social media. So are we trying to get the approval there nowadays? Otherwise we’re so lonely and feel pretty meaningless without the real connections. That’s sad and crazy. How did we get here? How to calm the restless lonely souls and change the direction?

I think we should have this kind of certificate that we are allowed to live the moment without the fuss. We should start practising to be aware that I’m actually allowed and I’m better of when I enjoy this current moment. I hope we get back that presence that we can just be and enjoy the ride – without pulling the camera out immediately. And if you really need to report that shit, do it right away and then just leave it. Being present and the fulfilment of happiness are directly proportional. And you should bear in mind that the moment you are having doesn’t probably mean anything to outsiders. Only you can get out of it as much joy and pleasure, as you want. The question is how receptive you are?

I consider social media as a working tool and I try to have a personal rule that I only go there when I’m updating something. I try not to browse just for fun. I don’t want to spend my time and concrete life there, no way. But it’s not that easy. Way too often I notice how my hand just automatically takes the phone and gets in on Instagram! It feels actually scary. I don’t even notice how I got there; it’s like a self-piloting process! Social media has become such a habit for us that it has also become an addiction. I could form a new term here: habitual addiction! Or is it a term already? We need the balance. Those companies will be rich who invent the working solutions. Great idea for an episode in Black Mirror – I should give them a call! My balance and thing is nature. I want to go back to nature! Nature to me is as real as life can be. And so are the traditional moments with friends. Let’s bring back the good old times!

One of the Whattawowword quotes randomly running down at the bottom of the site says “Always remember the rocking chair; that you will remember there that you were rocking.” This is something we should be aware of now and not later. Make sure you live a life in real life not in social media.

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“Always remember the rocking chair; that you will remember there that you were rocking.” Grrr, Papi tells the same!
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