Indonesia Changed My Appetite!

Feelings — 2.7.2018

Eating meat was a natural part of my life until I watched the document Cowspiracy in the beginning of 2016. It was shocking and made me think. Before that I hadn’t realised how much meat production affects the climate change. This fact and also the miserable conditions of the animal started the change in me.

First I started adding vegetarian days in my diet. Then stopped buying meat (beef, pork meat and chicken) for home cooking. I still ate those in the restaurants when I knew they are local food and from the fair conditions. I still ate meat in the South Korean restaurants this spring – but soon after the Olympic Games I went to Indonesia and that trip changed everything.

I could say that Indonesia is the promised land of vegetarian food. The food was insane there – sooooooo good. I was in heaven! There were so many great options and overall so many vegetarian restaurants! There was a fancy dinner vegetarian restaurant and big filling lunch bowls that cost five euros with a nice and fresh drink. Shady Shack in Canggu was one of my favourite places – I wish I could get there right now…

The ingredients in Indonesia are so fresh and so good – no wonder they have all these delicacies when they literally live in the jungle. The weather treats the vegetables and the fruits well. I found a new treat: jackfruit tacos! I had never heard about jackfruit before, but the tacos that I had were mind blowing – much better than with meat.

In Indonesia I realised that if vegetarian eating was this delicious, so varied and pure I want to eat that way. I got so excited about it. Of course now in Finland it has been much more challenging to me to have interesting meals because the fact is that I’m a lazy cook and it’s so freaking expensive to dine out here. Well lunch prices are payable but dinners rip you off! I just visited a cool vegan “Yes Yes Yes” restaurant in Helsinki – but the plates were so small (and expensive) that they left me hungry. That’s a shitty feeling.

Anyway after Indonesia I left meat behind. My diet consists of vegetarian and vegan food now but I also eat fish and eggs, from the dairy products I eat special cheese (blue, goat etc…). I’m not sure if I can and will leave everything behind. As stated before I’m changing my diet for environmental reasons and because I want to know that the animals live happy and have space around them. I think hunting has always been a natural part of our lives – in fact, I wasn’t meant to leave all the meat dinners but to my surprise I have lately noticed that after eating more and more vegetarian food my taste has changed. This happened after Indonesia. Just lately I accidentally ordered a Halloum cheese burger that had meat in it and ate it – and the meat taste bad to me. I also could feel the grease on my palate and teeth. Not a nice feeling! So that’s where I have come. I hope I still like the Finnish reindeer though! I have also learned many new tastes, nowadays I like mushrooms more and more. By the way, I wonder what is the difference to eat mushrooms and bugs for instance? There have been discussions if the bug breeding is ethically okay. I think we should be looking at the bigger picture – we need to eat something anyway!

I think more and more people will love to eat vegetarian and vegan food when they get great experiences! I hope we’ll get more options and will have vegetarian food as a big part of our future living. We need to do so. Have you got some new tasteful experiences?

shady shack canggu bali, tyttö haistaa kukkaa, girl smells the flower
Shady Shack charmed me
shady shack bowl canggu
Shady Shack bowls in Ganccu, 5 euro per amazing filling meal and fresh drink

shady shack canggu

poutapilvet, bali sky

bali polku riisipellolla, rice paddy field path in canggu
The past years have showed “a vegetarian path” for me
vegeruoka pachama gili air
Good food on Gili Air
gili meno drinkit rannalla, drinks in gili air lombok
A peaceful moment while waiting lunch on Gili Meno
vegaani suklaamansikkakakku, vegan strawberry chocolate cake
Delicious vegan dessert at Moksa restaurant which was fancy also at night
ubud vegaani ruoka, vegan food in bali
This was a perfect place on earth. Paddy Point in Sayan district.
ubud tasapaino riisipellolla, balance in the rice paddy fields
Still balancing to find the best diet but getting there
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