Autumn Colours After Five Years! Wow Finland!

Feelings — 27.10.2016

Seasons! Is there anything better than that! After being away from homeland Finland, it was great to come and experience the true colors of autumn again. I remember when I was young, and we went to a forest during the sports lectures in school it felt like stupid wandering around but nowadays I’m just fascinated to go back to nature. Same thing goes with skiing. It’s lovely how self-evidences become treasures by the time and age. And after living abroad for a long while.

We came to Finland to celebrate Antti’s big B-Day with friends. I have never been a huge fan of the dark autumn, but now I was really looking forward to seeing the colors at least. And they were wonderful. We had a hotel right next to a park in Helsinki, and whatta view there was! That weekend happened to be sunny too, and the autumn showed its best. Even in the sauna, I could see the picture perfect fall season because it had a glass window. Talking about sauna with taste! I love the sauna and could spend hours in there, especially in such. The weekend was so good that I felt shame leaving the hotel behind. At once I felt like a tourist in my capital!

Lately, I have been thinking a lot what a wonderful home country I have. Nature is so amazing. In fact just this week I read that Finland is the country number three on Lonely Planet’s must-visit-country-list 2017. We are the only European country on the list. What an achievement. And of course, all the Finns were so proud that everyone was posting this great piece of news on their walls. That’s what we do: we either diss or praise! There’s no halfway for Finns.

But I must admit it’s an experience to be at home – I may move back one day. In the autumn the best things are a) when the rain is pattering on the window ledge b) when you hear the wind blowing and the storm outside and you are warmly inside (in Finland the inner heating works out perfectly unlike in Malta!!!) c) when you burn the candles d) and read or watch tv under a blanket e) or else when you go outside and enjoy a dry sunny autumn and smell it in the pure air…

Good autumn vibes where ever you are! Soon more glow will follow from Paris, where I just visited on my way back to Malta.

Kunnon syksy pitkästä aikaa!!!
I saw the Finnish autumn after five years!!!


Ihana aurinkoisen syksyinen Stadi
Beautiful autumn in Helsinki
Scandic Parkin hotellihuone kuin maalaus
The room of the Scandic Park hotel was like a painting


Ihana Saslik - tämä paikka on oiva niin romanttiselle dinnerille kuin kaveriseurueille kabinetteineen
The old Russian restaurant Saslik is great both for a romantic dinner or else for a group of friends – there are some beautiful cabinets that you can book beforehand



Täällä UKK on pitänyt palsuja
President cabinet


Matkalla Savoon...
On my way to my hometown…
Äiti oli laittanut viltit tuultumaan ja minä kun luulin että ne olivat tarkoituksella lämmikkeinä niin kuin terdebaareissa konsanaan
Home prepared for autumn
Mää oon eräjorman tytär ja sen kyllä huomaa
Trekking in the forest. This is something special to me – there are no forests in Malta.



Näyttelysuositus: YaYoi Kusama HAM-museossa!
I went to a great exhibition in Helsinki: there was YaYoi Kusama’s art in HAM-museo – highly recommended if you can catch her somewhere!


Kusaman työ on tarkkaa hommaa ja koostuu toistuvasta piiperryksestä. Näyttelyssä luki, että hän saattoi duunata jopa 40h putkeen - samaistun perfektionismiin.
Kusama’s work was punctilious. She could work for 40 hours in a row! I can identify myself with the perfectionism
Kuten myös toistuviin näkyihin, jotka ovat olleet inspiraationa monille Kusaman töille. Itse muistan pienenä nähneeni toistuneesti ainakin kahdenlaisia unia; toisessa pallon massa kasvoi kasvamistaan ja toisessa tipuin aina korkealta.
As well as the appearances that she has, which have been an inspiration for her work. I remember I also had a repetitive dream when I was young; it was an expanding ball figure or that I was falling – it didn’t feel scary, though, but weird
Polku jossa väripilkut heijastuivat vedestä oli upee
The path with the reflections was amazing
Kurpitsoja Halloweenin alle!
Pumpkings for Halloween!


Osallistavaa taidetta; huoneeseen sai käydä länttäämässä Kusaman tavaramerkin, eli pola dotin = pisteen
Engaging art; you could tack your own polka dot famous for Kusama style
Kynttilöitä syksyysi!
Have a candle bright autumn!
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