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Feelings — 3.8.2015

I know I told you already from the very first blog post, that my aim with this blog is to practise positive thinking and share the little joys in life. But there is one important thing that I need to bring up: I have been very pissed off that people are wasting water – and that they are not even realising it. In the same time it feels difficult to speak about it directly; because for them water is an obvious eternal source. I’m finding that sparing water is a principle – and disregarding this annoys me big time. People are so sensitive that they might get upset hearing, how they are ruining the world. Thus I’m writing here and being pussy by avoiding the direct talk haha! Hopefully someone reads this, understands my concern and starts to think about the water consumption.

Unfortunately, I believe in water war – that it will come one day. So it was pure luxury and also “future’s history” to be on all fours and drink straight from the clean creek on my trip to Northern Norway and Finland.

I think it’s about the education: you either have learned not to waste water or you don’t even think about the whole issue. I was tiny when I learned not to let the water run while I was shampooing or brushing my teeth. Maybe it was more like an economic reason to save on water bills – but anyway I learned to be stingy!

Many close people of mine waste water, and I don’t know what to do when their peeing or pooping moment is accompanied by running water! WHY? Some spend long minutes in the shower. Teeth are brushed or face washed with water running wild. Many do laundry with an empty load. A couple are “ironing” their shirt in the shower room with all that straightening mist. My ex was standing in the shower for half an hour when he felt cold. “Don’t waste water” I shouted, he answered “I’m not wasting it”. He really thought it’s a renewable resource.

I’m not a biologist or anything – even though it was one option for my profession back in the days – but the common sense is telling me that the world shouldn’t run the water like this. Whether there is enough water or not, the fact is that we still have it in the first world but many groups of people haven’t had it in a long time. So if there is one thing that could make you consider your water use – take the empathy aspect. Be the hero but not in the water war!

Bottling clear pure water in Lapland Finland Whattawowworld

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