Hi, I'm Henna!

A non-stop traveller and a creative writer living in my own kind of world. Nice to meet others here too!
My introduction

Henna Rinnekangas

+30 years old world wondering Finn. I’m a child of nature, a creative mind and very relaxed person; I don’t take myself too seriously. I have been living abroad and travelled around since 2011. I also spend enough time in my precious homeland Finland. I aim to see this world as much as possible while I’m here; I am fascinated by its beauty and want to learn how to preserve it. My element is water and I love summer. In general, many small things delight me.

Writer @ Whattawowworld
Entrepreneur @ Konseptiguru
Master of Arts @ University of Jyväskylä

Work With Me

In life, it’s a must that you get excited about your work. In the best case the projects are so cool that you don’t feel like sleeping.

I’m at my best with people, I find that interviewing them and investigating different topics and surroundings is fascinating. My passion is to drive ecological things and equality. I’m also keen to develop communication between the people. I search for the inner peace and wonder what is the secret of human wellbeing and balance.

My thing is to write stories; I’m a storyteller. I use a title of concept guru when I’m describing my very top professional skills. I feel that the gift that I was given is creativity and the ability to see the big picture.

My Expertise

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Freelance Work

Branding and Strategy
Concept Planning
Creative Writing
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