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I love travelling so much that I will travel with you! I am the first personal travel assistant in the world and at your service.
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Travel Assistance for You

Are you afraid to travel alone? Do you have some disabilities? Having problems to figure out a good holiday program? Or do you just need great travel companion – an awesome person to travel with?
Problem solved! Let me introduce myself, I’m Henna and I’m the first personal travel assistant in the world, and at your service! I got hooked on travelling some years ago when I did my first world around trip and couldn’t stop the travel flow.

I’m a funny Finn, crazy company, great person to discuss with, and most importantly I don’t have a criminal record. If you don’t have one either and if you are not after that kind of company, what to wait, let’s go!

The Deal Is Simple

You'll pay for the trip and other expenses and I'll travel with you, build a carefully planned travel itinerary and assist you in every way.
And so begins the adventure of your life! Is it trekking on the new land, wandering and wondering the great wonders of the world, cultural enrichment in a big city or swimming training for triathlon in a nice and warm country?

Everything goes in this wonderful world and the more enlightenment the better. Now, where do you want to go?

Contact Me, Let’s Meet and Start Planning

Deal Includes
Travel Program • Assistance • Good Company • Photography • Travel Story as a Souvenir
Shortly About


Birthplace: Finland
Born: 1985!
Education: M.A. (Communication)
Occupation: Creative Planner
Extra: Swimming Teacher
Hobbies: Gym, Arts
During the Winter: Snowboarding, Cross-country Skiing
View of Life: Hedonist
Skill: Kitchen Therapist
Character: Cheerful, Empathic, Social
Other: Ask!
I won’t let anything stop you.
Personal Travel Assistant