This Is How You Book the Personal Travel Assistant – This Thing Just Got Viral!

Travels — 12.1.2018

I’ve always known that I’m somewhat a creative genius and that the Personal Travel Assistant is a great idea but I didn’t expect it to spread out so fast and just everywhere! There have been news articles about the service in Finnish, English, German, Portuguese, Indonesian, Russian etc. etc. My face is not only on Facebook anymore – I’m looking myself on the Mirror. The surprising thing is that it doesn’t really feel like anything but funny.

I noticed the relation of demand and supply while I was studying Google: There are people searching for the actual travel help but there aren’t commonly known personal travel assistants that specialize to travel with you. How is this possible? Well, now I’m represented all around the globe but the unchallenged fact is I don’t stretch everywhere. So there might be recruitment for some extra assistants some day in future. All the travel addicts prepare your CV.s!

It has been wonderful to notice what a great feedback the personal travel assistant service has got. It’s been proofed now that people do need assistance on the road but they also need help regarding the uncertainty that they might have – they are not sure how to travel. I have got contacts concerning both aspects. Some day I’ll do some posts to help out the shy travellers too.

It’s been positive that I have only got one single message from a softie Finnish pervert with these words “Would be nice to go to somewhere warm with you…” Soft, right? Maybe the fact that there is a post about the #metoo campaign / the sexual harassment just below the PTA launch post has helped out. Great! Now if we could still achieve equality: People, do not worry about me, I’m not weak and I’m not unsafe because I am a woman. I can travel alone and with an assisted person in the same way as a male version of me could.

Since there have been quite many enquiries already I want to highlight a couple of things. This is how you connect with the personal travel assistant:

• Please, use only the actual contact form on the travel assistant page, so I will get your message.
• Be specific with your idea; don’t send indeterminate sentences. Please answer the contact form questions promptly: where do you want to go and when would be the ideal timing, what kind of trip would be your type?
• Please remember that the personal assistant service does cost. Can you afford to pay the trip of our team and can you sign the contract? Unfortunately the money runs the world. We would be living penniless on the flower fields if that was up to me!

All clear? Now, bring it on my clients! And have a great weekend everybody!



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This week I got to look at myself on a bit bigger Mirror! Funny, that’s it
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