I love Cambodian Islands!

Travels — 28.4.2016

Straight after first hyping my love to Cambodia, in general, I have to hype the islands in a quick post of its own. I went to three islands and here are the feelings about them.

Koh Rong

I arrived on Koh Rong on Saturday, sunbathed the day and partied the early night and left in the next morning. Koh Rong has become a big hit – there’s a ferry full of people going there several times a day – but what was surprising to me, it was still ok. Even there are cafes, bars and restaurants in a row on the main Koh Touch beach I didn’t mind because they are very nice and had a good relaxed atmosphere. The beach even got silent by midnight. Well, I guess it depends on where the party is at. They told me there’s usually one big party taking place every night and the location varies. I didn’t go there because it was some techno music, which is not good music to my ears.

I’m sure I would have found space and amazing spots on the Koh Rong island but I thought I had experienced this one and left searching for a perfect beach to neighbour island Koh Rong Samloem from which I had heard some appealing stories about!

The beach of Koh Rong wasn't that bad... no glass just fine sand. A bit too many people on the main beach though
The beach of Koh Rong wasn’t that bad… no glass just fine sand. A bit too many people on the main beach though


I got hooked with ice coffee
I got hooked with ice coffee
Whatta invention to reuse plastic bottles - there were nice cafes on Koh Rong
Whatta invention to reuse plastic bottles – there were nice cafes on Koh Rong
Partying on Koh Rong
Partying on Koh Rong
Magic hour...
Magic hour…

On a way to Koh Rong Samloem, I first thought we passengers got kidnapped because the boat suddenly stopped in a deserted bay. But then I heard they gave us a chance to go snorkelling and see the corals – why not! Cambodian loose schedule, sometimes I really liked that.

"The kidnapper's" snorkelling trip
“The kidnapper’s” snorkelling trip


Koh Rong Samloem

(the top -shhh shhh- pick)

As soon as I saw Koh Rong Samloem from the boat, I saw a paradise. There was a perfect long sand beach with pure turquoise water framing it in front. And not many people were on the beach.

Koh Rong Samloem is very peaceful – a whole another planet to its big brother – STILL. So don’t shout about it! This is a small blog still, not that many read this that they could fuck up Koh Rong Samloem! Hah anyway, Koh Rong Samloem is also less developed. It’s not always guaranteed that there is water coming in the shower if some piggy tourists have been singing there. Like one local that I met said “You can’t assume 5-star resorts in a paradise” and that is so true. Paradise doesn’t carry resorts. Paradise has a small volume. (That’s why this paradise was also a bit more expensive. On a beer scale, a can cost 1,5 Us dollars instead of 1 dollars on neighbour Koh Rong. Oh, my whatta loss!) I felt so happy and thought how lovely it is that such places on Earth still exist – sometimes it is difficult to find them.

Besides the beautiful beaches, there is some lush jungle in the middle of the island. I loved to do a few kilometres afternoon hike there. The scent of the jungle and all the interesting noises were quite something. I went to the other side of the island, to see the sunset. While I was coming back, it was getting dark and again, I was walking alone in the jungle. So exciting. All the animals started to make more noises when the dusk arrived. The bats almost flew to my face, which was funny! Good memories.


My basic beach house
My basic beach house
And the empty beach in front!
And the empty beach in front!











Night is falling, excited in the jungle
Night is falling, excited in the jungle
Travel blogger on duty
Travel blogger on duty


Koh Ta Kiev

When I had my personal one-hour boat ride to Koh Ta Kiev, I was breathing deep and admiring the world. There was the total contrast of blue sea and green islands on the way and the summer boating feeling that always makes me relaxed. I claim that the bridge of the sun – the sparkling treasure line on the water – is one of the most beautiful sights on Earth. That’s an earthly wealth that anyone can dive into.


Then I got to my destination and; naaah. There wasn’t a bungalow waiting for me like I had ordered for my last Cambodian island days and I had some strange vibes with the accommodation’s European hosts for the whole stay. I didn’t feel like home but I didn’t let it bother me either. I only had two nights and I did the best to enjoy the beautiful dragonflies, lazy wireless time and even the fucking sand flies.

The place and the beach where I stayed were personal and I had a good time in the hammock. The corals were quite lame and swimming hard in shallow water – I accidentally stepped on a sea urchin and that sting! The place was one of those social places, where you are supposed to kind of hang around and at least to eat together with others. Even I am social I’m more like a lonely soul and enjoy my own time and company. That’s why I always freak when somebody asks me to put the greasy sunscreen on her/his back. People, stretch that you can manage yourself!

The last night was special. I ordered a happy hour Cuba Libre and was looking at the fantastic colours of the sunset. After that, a pitch-black night took over with stars above and good live music, even a saxophone, was playing in the middle of the peace and calmness.

I call this a morning coffee with a view!
I call this a morning coffee with a view!


I never get bored in a hammock
I never get bored in a hammock



Watching sunset on a platform
Watching sunset on a platform


To my opinion, there’s no need to spend time in Sihanoukville from where you have to take the ferries to all these three islands. That is a place where you can’t have peace on the beach. Tens of vendors try to sell something or their beauty services, and when you say no, they don’t get it. Well, I get them – every one of us has to make the living but a no is a no.

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