I love Cambodia! Why?!

Travels — 27.4.2016

I usually never buy such tourist junk as this Cambodia t-shirt below in the picture – but with this one I had the feeling! I fell for Cambodia and these are some points why. Browse quickly through and go and prove them phenomenal yourself!

I <3 Cambodia! Read below why!

Lotus flowers and hammocks

What was my first loving sight – when driving in a cab from the airport – were the lotus flowers and hammocks that are everywhere. This gives the beauty and the relaxed character to Cambodia.


There are such Lotus pools everywhere


Pyjama style

So does the “pyjama style” that the people have. They look so funny but cool in their naive printed or loose, colourful long sleeves. Many have cartoon characters in their style, lovely! What I just couldn’t get was how could they have so many clothes on. Forty degrees and velour outfits huh!

Micky Mouses, Hello Kittys and all the rest are popular
Micky Mouses, Hello Kittys and all the rest are popular
Laid-back clothes but hard work
Laid-back clothes but hard work

Familiar summer scents (and not wifi) in the air

I bicycled a lot in Cambodia like I always do in a Finnish summer. While bicycling in the magic hour of the early evening, I was snuffing the humid air and sorting out the different smells of the grill, green fields and the flowers. These are the flashbacks that the inner cells can always remember – they know how to ape the senses that have fully enjoyed the moment. I chose to have my Cambodia quite Wi-Fi free. First, I was meant to start snap chatting there but then I thought why to spoil the experience.


IMG_0916 kopio

Easy loving

Loving and relationships have never been easier than they seem in Cambodia. I feel ridiculous writing this after my latest blog post about Cambodian massacre but let me explain to you.

From the day, one everyone showed their feelings without hesitation. People took my hand, took care and always smiled. Sometimes when I was strolling there, I was thinking how awesome it would be to get and give similar easy love back home where people hardly show their feelings nor care for each other.

Cambodian smile is like a positive virus – it attacks immediately and there’s no coming back. In the same evening when I arrived from my trip to Finland I was accidentally smiling when I went to the metro. A guy that passed me by turned back to look at me because apparently I was a weird sight.

A very loving stranger and me
A loving stranger and me

Weddings every night

When talking about love – people get married all the time and no matter which weekday it is. The celebrations are happening in two days and they might block the streets by constructing the wedding tents and the whole area can hear the lively music – well probably everyone is invited anyway. The wedding guests usually bring 10-20 us dollars as a gift to the couple.

There were always pictures of the couple in front of the wedding place
There is the picture of the couple in front of the wedding place
Decorated wedding place
Decorated wedding place

Helpless animals

Awww and ooooh were the common expressions I had. As it is a poor country so are the animals. Cows look like they have anorexia and chicks are missing their feathers. Once I saw a two days old puppy that had lost her mother in the birth. I wanted to be the mother of all the animals.



Arts and architecture

Cambodia is food for the visual eye. Nice sculptures, interesting paintings and beautiful architecture of the houses and temples. Besides the beautiful green nature, there’s a lot of manmade eye candy. (I will write a separate post about the temples of Angkor Wat.)

Details even in the most basic house
Details even the most basic house
Beautiful architecture
Beautiful architecture
I found fascinating paintings everywhere
I found fascinating paintings everywhere
Phom Penh's Independence statue ahead
Phom Penh’s Independence statue ahead
The King's palace in Phnom Penh and the birds flying around the huge trees
The King’s palace in Phnom Penh and the birds flying around the huge trees
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