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Travels — 19.5.2015

Whattawowworld is about restless travelling. It definitely is. As soon as I am home I feel impatient – so I have to start planning the next trip. But can you imagine, I have nothing booked at the moment – WTF?! This situation is killing me softly. So at least I started making some plans! One plan that I will reveal now is that I want to do a trip to nature – to Norway this summer! I have to make some cliché 30 km hike after my 30th Birthday.

In this Norway hype I was recalling my and Antti’s trip to the Rocky Mountains a few years back! Sorry that I’m always hyping about all my trips – but once again this was a great one! It wasn’t too cheap to fly to the Rocky Mountains. As you know Canada is so huge, that it takes some hours and also some dollars to fly from place to another. Especially ’cause we had different airports to go (Calgary) and leave from (Vancouver). I think it cost more than 400 euros to leave and return to Toronto. Luckily we caught the whole flight in the first place! As two day-dreamers we left to the airport a bit too late and once again it was this “Amazing Race kind of running shit” to get to the flight. In the end we didn’t even get the final call – I was a bit disappointed – we even had some time to wait and took away “the fatty Horton’s” breakfast with us.

From Calgary to Banff

We flew to Calgary, which is a good spot not only for NHL-hockey but also to start conquering the Rockies and proceed towards north on the famous Icefield parkway – which is nominated to be one of the most scenic driving routes in the world. We hit the road, and our first destination was camping in Banff. Banff is a lovely mountain town with nice little cafes and boutiques – reminded me of Queenstown in New Zealand. But when we did some hiking around Banff, I was still saying to Antti, that this is nothing compared to NZ… Afterwards I had to shut up. More north you go, more amazing it gets in the Rockies! So if you have less time, just go further/north! Already the next spots were super hyper proper insanely beautiful!!!

Banff town in the Rocky Mountains in Canada

Balancing on log tree in a forest in the Rocky Mountains in Canada

Mountains under sun rays, amazing scenery in the Rocky Mountains in Canada, photo by Antti Kareinen

A view of Banff National Park from the bird perspective in Rocky Mountains, Whattawowworld photo by Antti Kareinen
Looking at Banff National Park from above


Lake Louise and up the Icefield Parkway

At beautiful Lake Louise we did just a little crazy rough 10 km afternoon hike climbing up to the top of the Fairview Mountain – to 1 km above the lake. It took at least five hours to do it (and we had to make sure we would make it back before dark) but the views were worth it. It really strains your knees to climb such a steep mountain, and also requires a lot of sisu! / guts. But we managed by drinking a lot of water, having small breaks and eating sweet cherries on top!

Travel blogger by the Lake Louise in the Rocky Mountains in Canada
By the Lake Louise

Canadian forest in the Rocky Mountains

Antti Kareinen taking great shots of the Rocky Mountains in Canada
Antti taking great shots – all the best pics of course by Anakonda photography
As a cherry on the top of the mountain, packed lunch on a hike in the Rocky Mountains
Take cherries and reach the top!
Hiker on the top of Fairview Mountain in the Rocky Mountains
Antti on the top of Fairview Mountain

Travel blogger on the top of Fairview Mountain in the Rocky Mountains in Canada

We had a tent with us but the most common accommodation we had was sleeping in our rental Jeep. There was space to put the camping mattresses, and it was easy to set down. And we spared a lot of money and could invest staying in the nice hotels / places in the cities then (Toronto, Vancouver). Anyway when you are camping, you need to be really camping – it’s a state of mind you need to have. Feeling the nature, being in the nature. And that’s so enjoyable! Probably it wasn’t that legal to sleep in the parking lots etc. but come on – that adds a bit more adventure into the trip! And we had no problems. Either we were sneaky enough or then nobody cared! Like I’ve said before, people are super friendly in Canada. Both the locals as well as the happy tourists enjoying their impressive holiday.

A fairytale castle, the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise in the Rocky Mountains in the magical Canada, Whattawowworld photo by Antti Kareinen
Like a fairytale castle – The Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise – maybe next time accommodation there in stead of the parking lots hahhaa!
On the road, a road trip on the Icefield Parkway in the Rocky Mountains, hit the road jack, photo by Antti Kareinen
Hit the road again

After leaving the foggy Lake Moraine near Lake Louise we headed to do some white water rafting. There were some great opportunities by the Horse Kicking River in Golden – a small turn away from Icefield Parkway. Next time I’m wiser and will definitely take the bumpier ride, since this time we didn’t have time enough to take the much wilder rapids. The one we had was a lot fun too! But even more laughter and adrenaline is welcome! Sorry no photos, the cameras probably would have been mashed… Anybody willing to buy me a Go Pro or similar?!

Foggy Lake Moraine early in the morning in the Rocky Mountains
Lake Moraine early in the morning

Fog on the Lake Moraine in the Rocky Mountains

Feeling the freedom in the nature in the Rocky Mountains, Whattawowworld!

Lay down in the nature and relax in the Rocky Mountains in Canadian forests

Like a Jesus statue in the Rocky Mountains, blue moment

A bit over half way there is a Columbia Icefield Discovery Centre, where we stayed for one night. Now you could notice already, that it was f cold during the evening/night! We were now higher, up on the mountains. Spectacular glaciers emitting the cold air around. During the day it was nice and warm though, actually very hot to do the daily hikes. Nice routes again and rams basking on the hills in the sun.

Feeling cold in the shorts in the Columbia Icefield Discovery Centre in the Rocky Mountains
Columbia Icefield Discovery Centre

Rocky Mountains Canada scenery

The adventure couple hiking in the Rocky Mountains, Whattawowworld!

Evening snack at the Columbia Icefield Discovery Centre in the Rocky Mountains

Dry meat snack on a hiking break in the Rocky Mountains, tongue out

The goat of the Rocky Mountains

Running with joy, happy and free like a bird in the Rocky Mountains scenery

Selfie of an adventure couple in the Rocky Mountains


Incredible way to Jasper

On a way to our last Rockies destination – Jasper – the scenic road just got better and better. I am not even trying to describe it – go there, experience it! Great spots to visit like Sunwapta falls or Athabasca Falls on a way. One thing that I’ll always remember is, how the mountains looked when the evening was falling down and the different pink and blue colours were dancing on the sky… I could puke at this point. Always when I feel super good I feel I need to puke, Yeah I know I’m strange. Maybe it’s like a overdose of too wonderful things or something… Anybody hear me out???

A squirrel crossing the white waters by walking on the log above the rapids in the Rocky Mountains, a perfect shot at the Sunwapta Falls by Antti Kareinen
A perfect shot by Antti
Sunwapta Falls white waters and rapids in the Rocky Mountains in Canada
Sunwapta Falls
Finding inner peace in the lotus position in the nature with a beautiful Rocky Mountains lake view
Searching for inner peace
Waterfall and rainbow over the rapids in the Rocky Mountains
Waterfall and rainbow like it together
Athabasca Falls visitors, a blogger couple in the Rocky Mountains in Canada
Athabasca Falls
A road trip under the pInk clouds and the baby blue sky in the Rocky Mountains

A lonely little pink cloud and darkness around in the Rocky Mountains

Blue clouds and the sky on the Icefield Parkway in the Rocky Mountains, road trip and the blue moment

Arriving to Jasper was memorable. It was pouring and a powerful thunderstorm when we actually headed a bit further all the way to Miette Hot springs to car-camp over night. I learned already when a child; a car is a safe place during the thunderstorm haha! I also remember the funniest dinner ever we had! Had a couple of interestingly named ‘Kokanee’ beers – super delicious glacier fresh beers – at the only pub there was and I was entertaining Antti with my action-packed jokes and the waitress looked like she thought we had taken something else than Kokanee hahhaa! In the morning we tried out the Miette hot springs. It was finally good to get a proper bath after one weeks shitty sweating. Thermal hot springs… it’s crazy they have everything in Canada. I’m not sure if many people enough realise, how wonderful country it is to visit! Before finishing our visit in the Rockies, we still did the usual hiking just with new amazing views – for example The Valley of Five Lakes with turquoise water – got some f annoying squirrel friends and one bit me and I was already thinking, what kind of disease I got. But I seem quite fine, don’t I???

Thunderstorm in Jasper, a lila sky and a guy in the Hundreds cap in the Rocky Mountains
Having Kokanee glacier beer in Jasper in the Rocky Mountains
Kokanee – Glacier beer
Face tells it all, too funny pizza dinner
Face tells it all – one of those hilarious nights a’la henna!
A chipmunk encounter in Jasper in the Rocky Mountains, looking each other
I got too close with them!
Chipmunk in the Rocky Mountains, is it Chip or Dale, black nose it has
Annoying creature that bit me!
Beautiful reflection on the Valley of Five Lakes in the Rocky Mountains in Canada
The Valley of Five Lakes
Pure clean water in a lake in the Rocky Mountains, drinkable straight from the lake
So pure and so clean clean

We had a bit over week in the Rockies – it was enough time, we could manage – but it could also have been a lot more. I remember feeling so tired after doing so many activities in such a short time. Especially when heading towards Vancouver, there could have been such a great roads with a lot of nature wonders. What is great; Canadian summer seems to be wonderful when it comes to weather! It can be real hot what I enjoy a lot. We moved from state Alberta to British Columbia: quite fast to Vancouver. Vancouver coming up b*hes!

Car's side mirror shows the Rocky Mountain scenery
Bye bye The Rockies!
Beware of the bears sign in the Rocky Mountains, there are brown bears and black bears
There was a sign warning…
A brown bear baby eating in the forest in the Rocky Mountains, an encounter when hiking
…and then we ran into one. Young buddy..
Low five with the black bear in the forest of the Rocky Mountains
Low five

Rocky Mountains

An elk eating in the Rocky Mountains in Canada

Angry Moose t-shirt in Banff in the Rocky Mountains
Mooses were angry here

Self-portrait by the lake and with the Rocky Mountains view

Beautiful mountain valley view in the Rocky Mountains in Canada

A road trip on the Icefield Parkway in the Rocky Mountains and the sun is shining

Icefield Parkway from the bird perspective in the Rocky Mountains
Icefield Parkway
Yoho brothers sign in the Rocky Mountains and the cool bro posing on a hot summer day
Yoho brother
Stupid goats trying to fit under the car in Jasper, the whole crew!
I have no idea what they are doing…

Nature lover Henna laying in the forest with a stalk in the mouth in the Rocky Mountains

Flowers in the Rocky Mountains

Crystal clear pure water in a lake in the Rocky Mountains

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