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Travels — 23.5.2015

Yeah so last time I was telling about the Rocky Mountains that really rock! From the Rockies we then drove to Vancouver. In big big Canada it took over 8 hours to get there. Motel hotel on a way and continued going! Too bad we didn’t have more time. There would have been great natural wonders on the way, if using the longer routes. Natural hot springs and some crazy wonderful stuff… Next time! But if you’re into a trip to Canada, plan it well! And time of course means more experiences.

The Rockies left behind
Rockies left behind, but there were great mountains on a way to Vancouver too

It was interesting to arrive suddenly from nature to a city, to 580 000 people Vancouver surrounded by mountains. We only had two days in Vancouver before catching the flight back to Toronto. It’s of course difficult to get a proper picture of a city in such a short time but we managed to get an overview.

Hello Vancouver!
Hello Vancouver!

By having the hotel in the centre it was easy to walk around in downtown. Gastown was a really cool neighbourhood with nice but quite expensive restaurants, pubs and small design stores. And a lot of homeless people! I’m not sure if I have ever been in a city where are so many homeless – of course not counting the Big Apple. It didn’t feel that nice to go around the district in the evening. Homeless people might come to beg on you. That’s when it feels awkward. The relatively warm climate around the year makes it possible for homeless to make it in Vancouver. As a coastal city Vancouver has mild winters but cool summers. Our August days were pretty grey. So not many sunny pics.

By the Canada Place in Vancouver
By the Canada Place
An evening view with the lights from Canada Place in Vancouver
A view from Canada Place
MC Donalds with a maple leaf in Vancouver Canada
Note MC Donalds with a maple leaf
Gastown a walk at night in Vancouver
Gastown funky walk
Gastown Steam Clock at night in Vancouver, frozen action with speed
Gastown Steam Clock

Funny pictures though. There were quite a lot of interesting street art and nice spots in the city. It feels also a compact city to move around. Especially since we took the tourist’s saviour: the sightseeing double-decker to see all the tourist spots in an easy way within one day. I rarely use these kind of buses, but prefer them if there is only a little time. Then it’s handy to do some (hip)hopping on and off.

Choosing colourful cupcakes in Vancouver, yumyumyum.com
Visiting Vancouver with a hop on hop off buss, a cupcake coffee break
Cupcakes by the Giant Laughing Statues in Vancouver
Cupcakes by the Giant Laughing Statues
Having fun at the Giant Laughing Statues in Vancouver, on the piggyback of a smiling laughing dude
So funny statues to hang with – I even fell down from one’s back!!! That’s why the plaster

Covering the eyes of the Giant Laughing Statue man on his piggyback in Vancouver

The Giant Laughing Statue is carrying me like a bride, having fun in Vancouver

High five with the Giant Laughing Statue, having fun and goofing around in Vancouver

Laughing happy person, the Giant Laughing Statues bring so much joy when visiting in Vancouver
The Giant Laughing Statues give so much joy when visiting in Vancouver!
West End strand in Vancouver
West End

Walking on the strand in the wind in West End in Vancouver

Red t-shirt with a maple leaf, walking in the strand in Vancouver

The standing stones in Vancouver
Wtf these rocks where standing by themselves! No glue – or clue how!

Skyline of Vancouver

We had a wine bottle in the bus and we were being undercover and secretly sipping our red from the Starbucks cups. I guess we identified well with the people from last night’s Gastown’s funky walk… Anyway a great memorable bus trip through the most common parts of the city. West end, huge and green Stanley Park, big market place Granville Island and China town.

So much fun in the hop on hop off tourist bus in Vancouver, wine in the Starbucks cup i.e. bus booze
Bus booze (wine in paper cups you hippies!)
Red t-shirt with a Maple leaf and a wide tree in Vancouver
Wide tree and Maple leaf
Pouring red wine the the Starbucks cup on the bench in a park in Vancouver
Wine time
Rackoon tail escaping in Vancouver
Rackoon skipped the wine
The Totem Poles in Stanley Park in Vancouver
The Totem Poles in Stanley Park

The Totem Pole close up in Stanley Park in Vancouver

Vancouver skyline with summer flowers
Vancouver skyline
Lions Gate Bridge in Vancouver
Lions Gate Bridge
Starbucks cup with a right name this time in a hop on hop off bus in Vancouver and the happy travellers
Back in the bus

Warning tourist trap ahead graffiti at the Granville Island market in Vancouver

Granville Island market, poor not welcome graffiti

Looking like a beggar under the cheetah jacket with the sad face
Me-e Not Welcome?

What I felt a pity was that we were so close to Vancouver Island but so far time vice, no chance to go there! They say that it is such a lovely island having a diversified nature – mountains, fiords, glaciers, lakes, bays and of course sea around – Canada in a smaller package, being an island size of 460 km x 80 km… From Vancouver it’s also only a 2,5 hours grunge car trip to get to sleepless Seattle. I would also consider flying a short cheap flight to the Hawaii dream haha! Vancouver is so far, so why not to go a bit further… The world will adjust!

Whattawowworld Henna portrait on a hot sunny day in Toronto with Ray Bans on
Off to sunnier Toronto
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