Toronto Part Two

Travels — 2.3.2015

Oh yeah! It was good to be back in Toronto! This city is actually a city where I could imagine living my life. Somehow it has everything and like I was telling last time, it has its magic! And Toronto was just elected to be the number one city in the world. Yes yes. Even I am a summer girl, Toronto melted my heart also during the winter! No difference in that. Of course there isn’t That many things to do during the coldness. But there still is!!!

We had a lot of funny activities. But there are still some leftovers for the next visits, like NHL and NBA games! There was the Canada international car show, which boosted some dreaming… Even though my family has entrepreneurial background that has something to do with cars but I’m not that much into cars – I really liked this one. Especially the section with the old vintage cars! 50’s and everything, wow! Like I hadn’t seen them enough in Cuba. We saw the super great exhibition of Jean Michel Basquiat at AGO. We also went to the Ripley’s Aquarium. It was much better than I thought. I was already refusing because I am against the zoos and even the aquariums are the same category. But I took one for the team and went and have to admit, liked it. Poor Nemos… But at least I also learned something, there was a good educational aspect.

Hydrogen car of future at Canadian International Autoshow in Toronto
Future car
Cadillac Elmiraj concept car at Canadian International Autoshow in Toronto
Concept car
With the shark in the same pool at Toronto Aquarium, prisoners together
Prisoners together

The weather was a bit tricky to do much outside, because now it was the coldest winter in Toronto in ages… But we still went shopping! Vintage! You remember me telling me about it. Cooool. Now I found absolutely funny Scottish kilt and an Egyptian fancy jacket. I love extraordinary clothes!!! They make you stand out and create your person! Too bad when travelling you can’t carry much around and are always walking the same shit on you…

Toronto's Queen street in the winter, Brandy & Melville and good shopping
Queen street
Vintage stores in Toronto are great shopping, a man fitting a shirt
Fitting and vintage stores
Ironhead is a brand from Toronto, street clothing for young adults
Toronto’s brand

Red kilt and the fitting room in a vintage store in Toronto

By the way. There was one annoying thing while shopping. The service attitude, it’s too good in Toronto / Canada!!! Shit they are asking how are you / everything still good??? like three times in five f minutes! In Finland where they give you your space, and especially in Malta where there isn’t really any kind of service, I’m not used to this kind of consistent questions. First world problems hah. And you know what they call cupcakes and everything “guys”. “These guys here are really delicious…” Strange Canucks..

Delicious coconut chicken and Pad Thai in an Asian restaurant in Toronto
These guys here are delicious Coconut chicken and Phat Thai
Blueberry Cheesecake and two cups of coffee
And this guy here is a Blueberry Cheesecake

But what is special is that the Canadians are really like that. Warm, unaffected, talkative, interested of you. Doing small talk very naturally so that you feel a pleasure talking with them (expect in the stores where a bluff Finn just wants to shop). It starts from the airport – this time at the immigration handsome Mr. Ho was welcoming me hah! Actually it started already at the Cuban airport. Because what happened was that our flight was five hours delayed. It was a tiny boring airport and everyone was there way too early. All or at least most of the Finns would have started nagging and pattering themselves – even myself. “Okay very nice, such a pleasant surprise, now we have to be here hungry in this jail type of country with the shitty food and wait hours and we wont be home before morning and will be so tired and cant do anything tomorrow etc. etc. etc.” But what did Canadian do! They celebrate! They are just smiling! Maybe making just some jokes out of it. Get some wine from the tiny Tax free shop and start chatting with fellow travellers! So lovely! How could you be in a bad mood when it’s like this around! I wasn’t. This is something I have learned and enjoyed! To throw off the negatives a bit and learn that when trying to be positive and when absorbing it from others, you feel much better and life quality is better! Of course it’s still hard sometimes when you have grown in a dark land, but you get better and better I believe!!!

Our Air BnB condo was super! I really love those high buildings in the city! They have everything and you feel nicely settled down. Modern flat with a view and a pool, Jacuzzi and of course a sauna – what a Finn needs during the winter – in the common areas. As well as the best part: great GYM! I felt strong and stronger when I got to exercise after the lazy tripping. Endorphins! Nice to meet you again!!!

Feeling cosy in a bathrobe like at home in the light AirBnB rental flat in Toronto centre
I was like home
Toronto view, the business district with the skyscrapers on a cold winter day
This wasn’t like the 53rd floor last time but nice views anyway

In the same time when we had and we felt warm in our nice apartment – there where homeless people in the streets. Like I said, in the coldest Toronto in ages. There was something like -25 degrees and also had been even -40 before. There was also a sleet and they were on their knees there. Wet pants. Homeless Canadians. There are not that many of them but some. I was thinking New York, which is not that much below from Toronto – and where there are tens of thousands of homeless. How do they survive? How have these people got in to streets and how could this world get them the hell out of there? The dollars that they get from some of us don’t carry too far. I was also thinking about this kind of paradox: If you would be a guard by your profession – working in a warm mall which premises are open 24/7. And in the rules there would be a prohibition that says no staying in the mall. You would see a homeless person sleeping there, when there’s a glacial frost outside. What would you do? Let him stay or say a possible goodbye to your work?

PS. Not much photos this time! When we had seen the city already, we had some holiday off taking the pictures!

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