The Crazy Things in Asia

Travels — 3.4.2016

I hadn’t been travelling too much in Asia before this. Now that I have been spending already a few months here and gotten closer to the culture I have found out some interesting, slightly crazy things.

Whitening lotions

Why do Asians want to be pale? It was a lot demanding challenge – or rather the famous Mission Impossible – to find a normal facial wash. In the end, it was slightly whitening anyway. Everything is whitening here: washes, lotions, scrub, whatever – probably the sun lotion too! Can someone explain me, what is the thing with this? And what is so specific with being white – besides better human rights?!!!


Driving without helmet

This is so scary. The worst scenario that I witnessed was a mum driving with a new-born baby in her armpit – both without helmets! Also, a dad was driving maybe a one-year-old standing on the seat in front of him. Later on, I saw many similar cases! And these are only the baby on boards. Everyone does this, at least, half of the people seem to be driving without a helmet. I wonder how many skulls are crashed every year.

Showing good example - driving WITH helmet
Showing good example – driving WITH helmet

Picture with me

I’m a creep, I’m a weirdo in Asia – for some reason quite a few wants to take a picture together with me. I remember this happened already on my first Asian trip in Singapore years back. I must look like a cute mascot to some – liking the thought of it and always accept the proposals hah.

A big group stopped me at Phnom Chiso to take a picture together buahahaa
A big group stopped me at Phnom Chiso to take a picture together buahahaa

Karaoke and guts

Even otherwise stated Asians have got some balls or guts at least. All of them seem so comfortable with singing karaoke and they love this hobby. Karaoke rooms are just everywhere – from all the corners to mobile vehicles. This is a singing continent. I wish we all had this courage and we weren’t too shy and serious. To my surprise, many (Cambodians at least) have been very talented too.

Awesome karaoke night
Hey this is awesome karaoke night

Burping is fine

I have been shocked and secretly disgusted. A few dinners I have had here, I have been forced to be present when a person eating with me is burping just like that – and burping like really burping, LOUD! And the bus drivers do the same. Even I’m totally up for people to feel relief and for their freedom of being, I’m sorry but this is yucky. They could, at least, try to hide it a bit.


Artificial colours

Asia is full of shit: snacks and stuff – a lot of material to use and swallow. One thing that looks shocking to me is of course littering which will deserve a whole post of its own (coming later) AND consuming artificial coloured, unhealthy snacks and drinks. Colourful jelly, colourful ice, this and that. Well, luckily they also have the good variety of fresh fruits and thus some healthy stuff to enjoy as well.

The kids at the school always had some colours...
The kids at the school always had some colours…

Respecting people

On this trip, I haven’t heard any shouting after me or got anxious looks. It has been very easy and safe travelling alone. The people here are very friendly and respectful. I’m glad there still exists a place with old spirituality and guide of conduct. I’m sure this is the Buddha etc. Eastern religious respecting thing. And I feel blessed about that.


Sleeping on a hard base

I hadn’t been thinking about it and hadn’t come across that some people/nations here sleep on a hard base. I only realised this after visiting my co-teacher and after I have been discussing this. First, I felt pity, like it was only a money issue but for some, it might be a pure choice. At the same time being so crazy to me that I would cry myself asleep. This is why I will be incinerated some day!

My teacher colleague Samnang sleeps on the wooden platform behind
My teacher colleague Samnang sleeps on the wooden platform behind
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