Spa Easter in Pärnu, Dance Moves in Tallinn

Travels — 8.4.2015

Almost an overdose of Estonia – Tallinn tripping – in less than a year – went there four times already! Before for business, this time for pleasure. Even it’s close to Finland, it is a great option for a mini holiday. It’s funny; you don’t have to go too far to feel the holiday and to forget the everyday. We had a little girls’ weekend out / relaxation get away / budget holiday in Pärnu and Tallinn over the weekend. Three days, good moments. And a terrible fight in the Toidumaailm (Supermarket) about a stupid chocolate hahaa! A big thanks to my other friend, we could stay budget at her place in Tallinn – but we girls had some matrix like strange issue, whether to choose red or blue bar of chocolate to thank her!!!!! WTF. Of course when it’s a girl trip there is always something – thank you guys for being such a simple-minded human beings, everything is so much easier between and with you!

But more about the budget thing – we thought we can have a really cheap mini holiday in Tallinn, but that really depends. I guess you have to know a bit to be sparing, at least in Tallinn. On the first night we paid 25 euros for a 1,5 km taxi drive… Yep. So beware which taxi company you do use. I wouldn’t recommend a company called Taksi&Transfer…

A receipt of a fraudster taxi in Tallinn in Estonia
******* EXPENSIVE!!!

Even when it comes to food, there are more expensive “tourist areas”, like on the main street in old town Tallinn, but you can also find great reasonable places. Sometimes it’s good to do some searching before hand. Too bad I’m a bit lazy for goggling. There is too much information! I get overwhelmed! I rather hear all the hints straight from people. That’s why I ask around quite a lot always when travelling. But Pärnu was easy, it felt cheap overall.

Pärnu was lovely! Can’t wait to go there again in the summer time. Nice peaceful small town vibe, friendly people, long long sand beaches, spas and treatments. That’s what we went there for. To chill for the whole Good Friday. We took a day-spa, which cost ridiculous 17 euros at the Wasa hotel. There were a lot of other nice treatments as well. It seemed the hotel was pretty famous amongst the old people, there were even chairs in the elevator, but it was harmonious to be there. Just sports, bathing and massage for the whole day. A nice 10 euros dinner in the evening in town and then some warm up dance moves in the quite quiet nightlife of Pärnu.

Two hours bus ride from Tallinn to Pärnu, girls travelling
Two hours bus ride to Pärnu
Going to Spa on a Spa holiday in Pärnu in Estonia, mirror selfie in a bathrobe
Spas everywhere in Estonia
Shrimp pasta and Leffe in Pärnu, cheap dinners in Estonia
Cheap but delicious dinners

What could have been nicer than waking up in the morning and going out for jogging on the beach in the fresh sea air. I really enjoyed it! How could a beach feel so nice even the weather was still chilly and grey! It was the Beach Charming. Hawaii of Estonia!?

On the beach in Pärnu on a grey spring day, Hawaii of Estonia?
Hawaii of Estonia?
There might be nude people in the area sign on the beach in Pärnu
Too bad, didn’t see any

Such a grey day on the beach in Pärnu

Such a grey day on the beach in Pärnu

I have no idea how it is to swim since we people have ruined the Baltic sea quite in a proper way, but will go and find out some day. Whether to need a mask and is there something to save. There are at least surfing equipment rentals and stuff, so apparently you can do things in the summer. In general Pärnu seemed to be a beautiful town. Didn’t see it enough for such a short time but beautiful colorful wooden houses, statues, old trees, walking streets and parks. That was a good start for me and Pärnu.

friend goofing around in pärnu

me goofing around in pärnu

Spa in Pärnu in Estonia

Signs in Pärnu

Streets of Pärnu

The main purpose of Tallinn was to party, as simple is that! Like I mentioned, have been there quite some times before, and there are definitely great places to see for the first timers. But now we just wanted to have fun and party. In this age you don’t do that too often anymore, but when having such a fun and crazy company as my Hellevi, the night will be memorable no matter how much you would drink Viru Valge! Yeess. Hip hop music and the action-packed party team of Malta 2007, never forget! I would never miss a great chance to go dancing with this girl, especially when everyone in Malta just wants to sit down and drink in a pub nowadays… Yes, I’m blaming you – you have two weeks to get your asses up! Now I’m in Lapland, next week Barcelona, and then Malta! Can’t wait to get home!

Girls going to dance and party in Tallinn in Estonia
Off to shake it shake it babeh

Sunshine says goodbye at the Tallinn ferry terminal

Sorry not much good pics, I was lazy!


– 40 000 people town by the Baltic sea in Southern Estonia
– I got the idea to visit Pärnu from my aunt, who said it was a wonderful town to visit – especially during the summer – I can believe that! Go there during the summer!
– Cheap, cheap, cheap – you can have a dinner and wine with 10 euros. Hotels are cheap too, 45 € per night for a double room.
– So easy to get there, two hours direct by buss from Tallinn, one way ticket costs 8,4 euros. There is also a train going there. Nice rural countryside and beautiful Estonia on the way.
– Pärnu is peaceful and quiet town, but there is more going on during the summer.
– Great place to go, walk around outside and relax. Spas, walking paths and beaches. Just take a good book with you and enjoy it!
– Friendly and helpful people.


– Capital of Estonia, by the Baltic sea, 434 000 people
– A city mixing history and modernity
– Trendy nice restaurants, good shopping, cheap spas, beautiful historical old town, and newer hip areas Pirita and Kalamaja
– Best time to go during the summer
– The start up mecca or Technopol of Europe.
– Two hours by the ferry from Helsinki. Visit both the cities! But don’t be surprised about the drunk people on the boat hoarding a lot of booze. It is cheap there! Even I got prepared for my big B-day…

Just a couple of old pics from Tallinn:

A view of the old town of Tallinn, beautiful red roofs and the church tower and hot air balloon
Old town of Tallinn

Colourful buildings of the Old Tallinn in Estonia

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