I Fell in Love with Paris

Travels — 2.11.2016

The other weekend I went to Paris. Now after my third visit, I’m in love with the city. It wasn’t like that before. On the first time, I didn’t like it too much; Paris felt big and distant. The second time was already much nicer, but now I’m sold. Rome used to be my favorite but now it’s vice versa. On this trip, I walked all around and enjoyed the two-legs-ride! Walking is absolutely the best way to experience the cities. You get the fundamental truth out of them and find the best secrets just by accident.


Bonsoir Paris!
Bonsoir Paris!

I went for a picnic to Eiffel tower. On the way, I picked some delicacies: quiche, rich chocolate mousse cake, champagne… Champagne – the best invention of France… Unfortunately, I spilled some of it on the grass, of course, I did – my life is not picture perfect. The same goes with Eiffel tower hoods; the truth is the place is full of crowds and vendors trying to sell something. I went a bit aside, but every five minutes there was still someone asking “beer, wine, champagne?” At least you don’t run out of drinks if feeling thirsty!


This is POP! Kylmää samppanjaa nappasin mukaan matkan varrelta!
This is POP! I got some cold champagne on my way to Eiffel, yum!
Vähän ruma asettelu, mutta maistui
My setting is ugly but it tasted good

Half of the trip was nice and sunny and half of it rainy – which was wonderful too! Paris is amazing in the rain! I’m not sure if there are many places that don’t look ugly when it’s grey, but rain and storm only give Paris a lot more character! I had a very memorable moment at Notre Dame when the monster statues were spitting the water, and the bells started to ring, it was so impressive. Unfortunately, I couldn’t take any video of it because my battery had just turned off. On the bad weather, it was also cool to go to a brasserie and enjoy a cold beer under the heat lamp and watch people going by holding different things to cover them from rain. Strange thing is I couldn’t find any French beer, I only got Belgian one, don’t they make beer???

Notre Dame on makee sivusta
Make sure to go around Notre Dame and see the sides too
Tämä on toisella päivää otettu, kun kävin eka Notre Damella sateella ei puhelin suostunut yhteistyöhön
Another day at Notre Dame, first day I went there it was pouring rain
Leffeä (väärässä lasissa) ja popcornia, hauska mix
Leffe (in a wrong glass) and popcorns, a funny mix

Rainy days are the museum days. I visited the museum of L’Orangerie where are the famous Water Lilies of Claude Monet. So beautiful! The colors were fantastic. And I didn’t realize the wall paintings were so huge and that they are several! I really recommend seeing them.

Claude Monetin Water Lilies...
Claude Monet’s Water Lilies…



I filled my weekend with details and cute Parisian things. French balconies, check patterns, parks with green benches, flower potting, macaroni, croissants, baguettes, crepes. And words like “rue de…” street. But I also saw some miserable shit, whole families sleeping on those streets! The world felt seriously fucked up place when there are parents with small children, even babies, sleeping on the street when it’s pouring rain and even if it wasn’t raining! I will never get this! After seeing such shit, it felt like an easy night to spend one night at the airport waiting the morning flight. There is really nothing to complain.



Till next time! There is still so much to see in Paris. On my list are still the catacombs, Louvre yard pyramid in the evening light, Tyrsa Misu’s (designer) interview, inner and tower of the Notre Dame, metro trip to the ghetto, Spa Day… But I’m still going with the flow! Au Revoir!

More pics!

Näkymä minun huoneesta
The French Balcony sight from my room at Monte Carlo -hotel ( a very good and central budget hotel)
Luksuskuvausta 37 euron huoneessa buahahaa
In the making of luxury portrait shot in 37 euros room buahahaa


Jardin des Tuileries -puistossa loikoilen vihreillä penkeillä
Jardin des Tuileries park and taking it easy on the green benches



Vilkas baarikatu Rue de Lappe Bastillessa. Käyn yleensä aina tsekkaamassa yöelämän, tällä kertaa vain kääntymässä
Lively nightlife on Rue de Lappe in Bastille
Nää "laivatalot" ovat niin kauniita ja niitä on kaikkialla!
These “ship like houses” are such beauties and they are everywhere!
Grands Boulevardsin vilkas risteys
Grands Boulevards




Paris love
Paris love
Jardin des Luxembourg oli pinkkejä kukkia valtoimenaan
Jardin des Luxembourg was full of pink flowers
Palais du Luxembourg
Palais du Luxembourg
Nappasin puiston suulta mukaani paahdettuja kastanjoita
A snack, fried chestnuts!



Pariisilaisten hommejen kokoontumiskahvit
Parisians meeting for coffee
Kaikkea ne keksivät, ihme vaatteita
A strange collection


Päädyin ihan vahingossa syömään aika pitkälti koko viikonlopun hyviä ruokia, tämä näin meksikolainen juutalaisessa korttelissa, en kyllä muista nimeä
I had quite good meals just by accident, this is Mexican food in the Jewish Quartel, but I can’t recall the name of the restaurant
Pariisin Pantheon
Paris’ Pantheon
Pikku kotikauppoja - macaronitarjottimia jne!
Cute boutiques – macaroni plates etc!
Kvak kvak sanoi duck
Pompidou hoods – quack quack said the duck
Täälläkin hyssytellään julkista imettämistä
It seems the breast feeding is publich hush topic here too (like in Finland)
Seine, tuo rakastavaisten kanava
Seine, the channel of lovers


Joujou Louvrelta!
Yo yo at Louvre!
Ile St-Louis -saarella, jossa ovat vissiinkin Pariisin kalleimmat ja hienoimmat asunnot sekä paljon myös sympaattisia pikkuputiikkeja
Ile St-Louis island has the most expensive and prettiest houses they say. Some nice little shops too.




Punasia, sinisiä ruusunkukkia
These flowers make me sing
Bongasin meikäläiselle, pikku hoolle, sopivan kahvilan. Signeeraan aina pikku hoolla.
I spotted my restaurant. I always make the signature with small h.
St. Michelin lähde
St. Michel’s fountain
Bongasin paljon kaikkia suomikylttejä, myös ratikkapysäkin nimeltä Saarinen
Saw a lot of Finland related signs
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