Baden Baden – the Spa Pearl of Germany

Travels — 16.1.2018

If you want to enjoy a spa holiday in a quiet spot I’m sure you would love Baden Baden. But when you head to the actual spa make sure to go during less busy times, like early in the morning. I went to Caracalla Spa in the evening and it was packed – so it wasn’t too relaxing experience. There was everyone from a baby to a grandpa, so you can imagine the additives in the pure mineral water… It was weird that there were so many people ‘cause otherwise the city felt like it was sleeping in the winter. Anyway, despite the full spa, Baden Baden is a very lovely city!

I loved the town of 50 000 inhabitants even we were in a snowless grey city during the ugliest time of the year! The trees were naked and streets looked bleak but Baden Baden showed its charm still. It is a clean city with beautiful historical architecture. This place right next to the Black Forest definitely has some unique glamour. It’s interesting that one of the world’s most beautiful casinos is in Baden Baden – that’s what Marlene Dietrich said. At least it’s the oldest in Germany. Marlene as well as the other social elite was dancing there. Back in the days the high-class people from different fields – royals, authors, actors, famous politicians etc. – enjoyed the city. Another legendary person that I like and who liked it in Baden Baden was Tolstoi. He drank his coffee at Café König. I went there a couple of times too and was thinking about past times while I sipped my coffee. Germany is so fascinating with its loooong history. I really just love to enjoy the moment, take it slowly and observe my surroundings when I’m in as enchanting little city as Baden Baden was.

On our third and last day the sun showed up. It crowned the BB experience! We did a walk on the upper town and the morning view was so beautiful. The dusk and the sunshine were competing who would conquer the air – and at twelve the ringing bells took over the city. Antti took amazing pictures!

Baden Baden was a bath for the taste buds too! We were having traditional German dishes, as stereotypic as sauerkraut and bratwurst hah. German beer tasted good in the nice pubs. So did German wine from the close areas. I found myself in a handmade chocolate boutiques where it was difficult to choose between pralines, mousses and bars. When it comes to service, usually it was good and ok, but as generally stated the German culture is not always the most heart warming. I noticed that already when I entered the hotel. Well what can you expect from the people that wear lederhosen – you gotta be a bit tough! Oh yeah – German people with their language and the leather trousers – almost as bad as Finns with their wind suits. We live in a funny world haha.

The funniest thing on this fully relaxed holiday was to put the bath in the tube at the hotel. The same mineral water which pampers the skin and hair was running in our private bath. Laying there and drinking champagne felt like a holiday. Baden Baden was relaxation relaxation! A great holiday destination when you just want to take it super smooth and easy.

Next time I will come back during the summer <3

Baden Badenin arkkitehtuuria ja talvimaisemaa

Lyhtypylväs ja katumaisemaa Baden Badenissa

Baden Baden hotellin aulataidetta

Cafe Königin kahvi ja kakkutarjoilut Baden Badenissa
Tolstoikin oli täällä, mutta tämä on Rinnekankaan setti
Saksalainen olut ja tulppaanit Baden Badenissa
Tulppaaneja ja kaljaa – kaksi kivaa!!

Kaunis kaupunkimaisema ja kirkon kellotorni Baden Badenissa

Sypressit ja alakaupungin maisema Baden Badenissa

Potretti Baden Badenissa sypressien edustalla

Mersu Mercedes saksalainen auto Benz Baden Badenissa

Baden Badenin arkkitehtuuria ja värikkäät talot

Taide- ja antiikkiliike Baden Badenissa Saksassa

Caracalla Spa Baden Badenissa ja vesi höyryää ulkoilmassa

Caracalla Span edusta ja sisäänkäynti Baden Badenissa
Caracalla Spa
Baden Badenin spitaalisten kirkko
Spitaalisten kirkko sai ajattelemaan vanhoja hurjia aikoja

Kylpylä-spa-liike myy pesusieniä ja muita peseytymistarvikkeita

Burtonin pipo päässä terassilla takkatulen ääressä Baden Badenissa
Terassit tulineen ja lämpölamppuineen ovat viihtyisiä. Baden Badenissakin istuskeltiin ulkona keskellä harmaata talvea.
Näyteikkunassa ruudun takaa mallinukke-tyttö kurkistaa
Vähäkö friikki kuva!
Sigmar Polken Alchemy-näyttely Frieder Burda -museossa
Baden Baden taidemuseo ja taulu kylpeminen aiheena
Miksi et kylpisi?
Suklaamousse suklaaputiikki-ostos
Tuli hamstrattua kaikenlaista makeista läheisestä suklaataivaasta

Makuuhuoneen kuvausta hotellihuoneessa Baden Badenissa

Hotellin kylpyhuone Baden Badenissa ja iloinen kylpijä
Ihana valo ja iloinen kylpijä
Kynsienlakkaus kylpyammeen ääressä Baden Badenissa
Sanon aina, että se on luksusta ja harvinaista herkkua, kun on aikaa lakata kynsiä – silloin on tosi rentoutuminen kyseessä!

Kynsienlakkaus kylpyammeen ääressä Baden Badenissa, pinkkiä varpaisiin

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