New Whattawowworld and the First Personal Travel Assistant in the World Are Here!

Travels — 9.1.2018

Here we are, I am so happy to share the new updated Whattawowworld with you people! This has been one hell of a job, such a persistent work that has driven me nuts a couple of times already. So now that it’s out, I am thrilled and so excited – and ready to share the future adventures and noteworthy thoughts (no bullshit) with you. Glad you are there – hope you stay following. What do you think about the new layout?

I am especially enthusiastic about my new groundbreaking service! Let me introduce you the first personal travel assistant in the whole world! That’s me – I am at your service! If you have, or if you know a person that has any challenges related to travelling I will help out. No matter if you’re afraid to travel alone, scared of flying, disabled or just bad at organising your trip, I will be there for you. Please, let all the elderly people know as well. I am a big time fan of all the grandmas and grandpas and will assist them in travelling. I have many years of experience in taking care of my grandma – so this is sort of a calling and a meaningful thing for me. Check out the Travel Assistant page for more info and watch the video. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me. I can’t wait to get my first client who to assist and travel with. Exciting times coming!

Please go ahead and explore the page now before I release the next post. Soon I might tell a bit about the site design and the brand so you can perhaps learn what it takes to make a personal blog site or to create your personal brand. After that we’ll get to the point and move to new adventurous stories! Meanwhile, you can always refresh you memory with the older articles – they are pretty timeless. I would like to ask a favour too. I am a creative entrepreneur by my profession – a concept planner, writer and a brand strategist. I am more than happy to work with you or with your contacts. So please take a look at my Persona page too and share the word about my expertise. That helps to bring the bread on my table. I need that and it helps to keep this going. Thanks for your help! I hope you enjoy the new Whattawowworld. Welcome aboard again!

Personal Travel Assistant and travel companion for seniors
I am Henna and I am the first personal travel assistant in the world
Personal Travel Assistant gives travel assistance for you
Go ahead and contact me!

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