Divine Greek Islands… My God Milos!

Travels — 9.6.2018

It’s just great that it’s so easy to grab a catamaran in the Athens Piraeus Harbour (half an hour Uber ride or a direct metro ride away from the centre) and head to the islands! Greece has thousands of islands so you have enough destinations for your entire life. One group of islands nearby is Cyclades. And there is once Specific Island that I fell in love with. Milos. This peaceful place with the sparkling sea around it warmly welcomes you after three hours boat ride.

Milos Venus, Venus de Milo
Venus de Milo on the yard of our cottage

Milos is magical. It’s actually divine because it is known for the famous Venus de Milo ancient statue, which was found there in 1820. This statue from 130–100 BC. is in Louvre in Paris but the islands puts it out well: it’s lovely there on the yard or there are cool modern art versions of it in the decorations stores. Milos is so pretty and authentic that there’s no rubbish tourist shops or loud parties. I hope that this will be respected and will never change. Outside the tourist season of the locals there was just right amount of people visiting on the island, a balanced amount of locals and tourists. You could have a beach just by yourself – unless a couple of nudists passed by. Yep. Nudists seem to love this island and apparently many islands in Greece because it’s quite easy to spend private time and hang out!

Milos mökki, cottage Milos Greece
At the cottage 🙂

Milos-saaren auringonlasku Kreikassa, sunset Milos Greece

We had a secret summer cottage type of accommodation and there was a private beach just in front. The water is crystal clear. Beside the seaside the rural setting calms you down and life seems just perfect. When you have a holiday in Milos it should be a slow holiday, time doesn’t need to fly. This is a place for an independent retreat – at once there is a great setting just to focus on the essential in life; breathing.

Milos Kreikka, beach Milos Greece

Kirkas vesi Milos Kreikka, clear water Greece
The clear water makes so happy!

While spending slow time in Milos the diverse island has a lot to show. There are so many different beaches. Sarakiniko beach for example looks like modern art with the rocks that water has shaped. Achivadolimni in stead is a long sand beach. It’s recommended to take a small boat tour in Milos and that’s when you can also see beaches and caves that are otherwise inaccessible. There are also cute little villages in the island. Pollonia is a charming spot with its small cafes and restaurants. The port Adamas has several restaurants and nice little bars and pubs, if you feel like having a drink. Klima is a secluded tiny fishing village where are small colourful houses and the peace lover tourists are reading their books on a small balcony alongside the locals’ huts. It feels that this is a place which can’t be reached by the worries of the world. “The sparkling town on the mountain” Plaka is the most traditional village on the island. It is on top of a hill and has lots of restaurants, small streets to walk and a church that offers an amazing view to the sunset. Go early enough to get there. You have to take a few steps up to the church. The Milos’ sunset It’s probably even better than Santorini’s sunset because there are no such crowds. Milos is lovely…

Andamas port satama Milos-saarella Kreikassa
Night starts falling in the Andamas port but the cute bars and pubs are just waking up

Kaktus Milos Cactus

kreikkalainen alkuruoka ja salaatti, greek food, meze, greek salad
Greek starters – meze – are mouth watering. There are fresh olives, different paste – like sundried tomato, tsatziki and wine leaves. The simple and perfect Greek salad is made of tomato, cucumber, onion, feta cheese and olives. Often there is caper too, I learned to eat it in this holiday.

Kalalounas Kreikka Milos, fish lunch in Greece

Kalalounas Kreikka Milos, fish lunch in Greece
Naturally the Aegean Sea delicacies are very fresh and tasty, Greek wine finishes the bites
Kliman kalastajakylä Milos Kreikka, Greece fishing village
The tiny fishing village of Klima. They found Venus de Milo just nearby in the village called Tripiti.
Kliman kalastajakylä Kreikan Milos-saarella, Greece fishing village
Safe haven… It feels that the evil of the world can’t find this place

Kliman kalastajakylä Milos Kreikka, Greece fishing village

Sailor Milos Klima
Sailor takes it easy and drinks cold beer in Klima, I wonder if it’s Mythos or Fix Hellas…

Lampaankaritsa Miloksella Kreikassa, Llamb Greece

Milos Plaka auringonlasku, sunset
Go and watch the Milos sunset on the church hill in Plaka

Milos kreikkalainen katu, Greece street

Milos Plaka auringonlasku taivaanranta, sunset sky

Milos Plaka auringonlasku, sunset Milos Greece

Milos Plaka Venus
I’m your venus, I’m your fire, your desire

Milos Kreikka, Greece village

valokuvaaja Milos Kreikka, photographer

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