The InterRail Adventure in Pictures – Part 1: Rome, Florence and Ljubljana

Travels — 9.12.2016

Time goes fast: it feels like ages since the InterRail Euro trip last summer. Only now I (and Antti – many pictures are by him) found the time to check out the picture balance. It’s actually nice to reminisce the warmer months during the winter. So here is the rail adventure in some of my favourite pictures. You must guess the thousand words this time!

We started by flying from Malta to Rome. This was my second time in the eternal city. And the city of so many fountains! It was 38 degrees hot, I felt quite a temptation to fall into the fountain while I was sitting there. Aperol Spritz helped to cool down. And the divine ice-cream of course. Our taxi driver told us the best ice-cream in the city was just in our neighbour, a place called “Romana” – that was true! Even all that gelato in Rome and Italy is amazing. And cheap still! Everything else has become much more expensive and it’s harder to find the culinaristic experience nowadays in Rome, but ice-cream never lets you down! Besides sitting down and watching the street life it’s nice to walk everywhere in Rome. There is a lot of fascinating thoughts about all that history: “so the first emperor Augustan lays there” “the people were after the maniac gladiator shows here”… Rome is a voluminous place, so after walking around for two days we left to more intensive beautiful Florence.






Florence is so lovely. If Rome is the city of the fountains, Florence is definately the city of the art pieces. In every corner of the street you see something. There are details everywhere. If Rome is more like large brush lines Florence is about small details. There can be either classical frames of art or then modern art or today’s versions out of something old. I was looking for the new “Blub” picture when I realised there are plenty of them around the city. Florence has surprises. And the most positive panini-love-at-the-first-bite I have ever got. Go to a place called Panini Tuscana. I loved the Duomo too, there was so much to wonder outside that It didn’t bother me that we could get to the amazing museums this time (booking online before hand is a must). Dante, Boccacio, Da Vinci, Donatello, fashion vice Gucci, Cavalli… all these names have a background in Florence. Florence is a city of greatness. And cute little dogs!










Through Trieste we changed the country to Slovenia and the capital Ljubljana, which is a very charming small town when it comes to the historic centre. Small handsome bridges, colourful old buildings, good food and mood. We got all the weather events there. Sunshine, the freshnesh after the small rain and the huge pouring! I felt so lucky to see the famous dragon bridge and its dragons during the thunderstorm framed by the purple lighting. It was woooow. And how funny and childhood like it felt to run back to the accommodations in the downpour! Good times to remember forever!






In the next chapter we go to Zagreb, Belgrad and Budapest.

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