Snowboarding in Italian Alps

Travels — 21.4.2017

We chose to go snowboarding to Italian Alps this spring due to the fact that it’s so cheeeeap there. For example compared to Switzerland the prices are ridiculous – in a good way! Everything from accommodation to ski passes, food and after ski drinks are well marked. This was my second time snowboarding in Italy – but in a different spot. This time the place was called Ponte di Legno, 4 hours from Milano by train or bus. It was a great spot because it was laying just by the slopes.

When snowboarding this late in the end of the season the downside is that the slopes are so soft and challenging. Legs need to work some extra when bouncing on the slush. It was very rough at the beginning but then feet got used to it and started the co-operation. The snow was much better on the top of the mountain. However the weather was much colder, windy and cloudy there. This time we learned that the next trip is better off to do a bit earlier, but still need to skip the worst mass tourism season. The next trip will also be a week’s trip for sure – so that it is good to enjoy riding some hours per day rather than pushing it to the limit. Besides the actual hobby I really love the setting in the Alps – it is nice to have snow and sunshine at the same time!

Before going to the North we visited in Milan for he first time. The weather was awesome hot spring, 23 degrees. Some people say Milan is not too nice but I liked the city (well which place I wouldn’t like). We were just walking around and popping by in different outlet and vintage stores – but I bought nothing! In my opinion they had kind of fucked up fashion in many of the outlet stores by having high prices still but expensive stuff in messy piles. I also went to a vintage store where Kate Moss goes. It was neat but so expensive. Just when I was praising Alps, Milan can be quite upscale. In general, Italy is very interesting when there is so many contrasts: The fancy people in Milan and the tough ones in Napoli, those snowy mountains up north and summery beaches down south. That is only one reason why it is probably my favorite country in Europe. But just a single one. I got this thing with Italy and that’s why I go there quite often. The next Italian trip I’m dreaming about is either a roadtrip in Sicily or an Italian job to Napoli!

Arriving in Ponte di Legno Italian Alps
The spring is here but luckily the mountains had some snow at least!
Ski lift selfie in Italian Alps
Lift mood
Snowboarding in Ponte di Legno at Italian Alps
Antti riding

Snowboarders in Ponte di Legno at Italian Alps

Snoukkatyttö Italian Alpeilla Ponte di Legnossa
Tired but happy after a long day riding
Garni Pegra hotel's terrace in Ponte di Legno
Nice terrace weather
New Oakley classes when snowboarding in Italian Alps
I bought these new classes after I got snow blindness!
Snowboarding on the top of the world
I love conquering the world, in a good way
After ski and Aperol Spritz
Aperol Spritz after snowboarding

Aperol Spritz tastes good as an After Ski cocktail

Ponte di Legno's village at sunset
Ponte di Legno’s village at sunset

I shot more pics in Milan:

The spring and the tram tracks in Milan
The spring is getting started in Milan city center

Cappucino street in Milan

Colourful Vespa cover in Milan street scene
This guy has quite a nice Vespa cover, 60/70s!
Flamingos in the yard of a palace in Milan
Spotting flamingos

Milan's architecture is beautiful

Antique furnitures in La Locanda del Pino hotel's breakfast room in Milan
La Locanda del Pino hotel’s breakfast room was cool. Antique antique!

Breakfast at the La Locanda del Pino hotel in Milan

Spring is blooming in Milan
The blooming spring
Butterfly stickers on Fiat Ducato
Oh someone has put butterfly stickers on his Ducato

Vivienne Westwood store in Milan center

Giorgio Armani Spa Milanossa
In Italy Armani has also spas and cafes

Giorgio Armani cafe in Milan

A man texting his girl in front of Milan Art School

Milan Design District

Milan Art Week poster

A street flower store in Milan

A speed limit of thirty in Milan streets

Chocolate doughnut and a cappucino in a cafeteria in Milan
It’s a coffee break!
Milan Duomo with its tourists
Milan Duomo – not as cool as Firenze’s but pretty ok
Ray Ban office in the Milan center
Oh my favorite image! Ray Ban office in the afternoon sunshine (I’m a Ray Ban fan)!
Golden retriever in Milan dog park
And this image has such funny coincidence!